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Covid: More than 2,000 doses of vaccine reach Ira

Covid: More than 2,000 doses of vaccine reach Ira

Iara begins the week with receiving a new batch of vaccines against the Corona virus. In this shipment, there are 2,074 doses in total, 1,494 doses from Pfizer and 580 doses supplied by the Sinovac/Butantane laboratory. The amount will be divided between industry workers (623 doses) and application to the general population by age group (1,451 doses).

130 doses were also sent by the state from the Sinovac / Butantan laboratory for the second application in the vaccination schedules that began on July 9 in the municipality. Since last Friday, the 30th, vaccination in Iara is no longer done by appointment. With the new strategy, application is on a first-come-first-served basis, as long as there are doses at the municipality-provided vaccination sites, until then for residents over 35.


The new batch is part of the 99,800 doses from the Sinovac/Butantan lab and 120,510 doses of the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine received by the state on Saturday the 31st. Taking into account the trend to reserve the second dose of Coronavac, half of the shipment was being held at State Central of the Cold Chain for later shipment to municipalities, according to the manufacturer’s recommended interval. Distribution to UDVEs began on Sunday and will be completed throughout the second Monday.

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