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Covid Science and CPI - Diário do Grande ABC

Covid Science and CPI – Diário do Grande ABC

Since its inception, the CPI for Covid-19 in Brazil has been a political phase of endless disputes, in which personal and partisan interests seem to be above the commission’s own goal: to investigate and clarify the causes of the problematic management of the epidemic in Brazil which, in addition to the dire consequences for the population, , an international concern. So much so that reaching more than 500,000 deaths has not only generated a national outcry, but there have been many demonstrations in the most diverse countries showing solidarity with our situation. It seems that the seriousness of what is being investigated is ignored by some who prefer rioting and applaud only those who contribute to denying the problem and considering the situation normal, despite the facts that show lack of commitment and incompetence. On the other hand, those who are also committed to stating the facts do not fail to defend their political partisan interests at all times. After all, despite the context of the severe suffering caused by the pandemic, the political game continues and players do not always respect the rules.

But what is really at stake? The number of dead and injured is increasing every day? The need to put an end to a management that is, to say the least, muddled? Political use of the epidemic to gain votes? Opinions vary and each one prefers to resonate in the way that suits them best. Science and political opinion are treated as if they were the same thing. The flag is placed on one side or the other, when, in fact, it has no side. And the consequences were dire, with clashes that, rather than clarifying them, add to the confusion or damage. Recognizing that people who work in science are not impartial does not therefore mean that the result of their research is merely ideologies and opinions. Therefore, science has its ways, its counter reasons and needs recognition from its peers. Scientific knowledge, like all human production, is also historical. New research can yield new results and make changes. The results of scientific research can also have a political benefit.

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Finally, acknowledgment of these characteristics of science can’t make it just another opinion, especially when human lives are at stake. Despite the desire of some to change history, some lessons about scientific discoveries have already been repeated to fatigue. Facts are one thing, versions another. Science is based on diverse facts and opinions.

Luis Fernando López has a PhD in Education, and is Professor of the Humanities at the International University Center Uninter.

Reader’s word

Oricio and Morando
I read with absolute satisfaction the note in the column Political Landscape that showed the proximity of the Mayor of São Bernardo, Orlando Morando, to former São Caetano Jose Oricio Jr. (politics, yesterday). I never imagined I could see toucans walking together. I remember that just after the 2016 election, when polls indicated that the PSD would be in charge of the three major cities in the greater ABC region, including Santo André, everyone thought the trio could work together to persuade the state, as governed by the party. to make investments in the region. Error. The ego of some spoke louder. Hopefully now things will settle down. Better late than never.
Edvaldo Vasaz
Saint Andre

new reader
My beloved grandson, Devi Luca de Oliveira Pereira, son of my beloved daughter, Paula Noémía de Oliveira Pereira (I miss my beloved aunt, Noímía de Oliveira Fabrini – 1916-2001), born and forcibly left in Expresso da eternity, in the Diademense neighborhood of Piraporinha, in Last month he completed two years and is already a “diarionet” reader!
Joao Paulo de Oliveira

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Covid-19 vaccination rate at ABC Greater Crossing (Setecidades, yesterday). And you should set an example for other regions of the country, because vaccination is essential.
Aurel Boas Villas
Santos (SP)

Citizenship Forum
I read with great interest the page of Memória do Diario, signed by the noble and devoted writer, memoirist, among other suitable titles, Ademir Medici, with whom I already had a pleasant opportunity to share some moments of study (Setecidades, at 28). Upon reading and re-reading the previous article, under the title “Grande ABC”, it elects 13 deputies. Five federal and eight states. The strength of ABC’s Great Citizen Forum, my heart and soul rejoiced after graduation (totally full), as I actively participated in this civic journey, in the role delegated to me, Coordinator of the Political Expression Working Group. So, let’s spark discussions with all the candidates for state and federal representative from our greater ABC area, in the seven cities in our area. Thank you very much, dear Ademir Medici, for allowing you to experience strong memories and emotions once again with your report.
philip angels

In the past, chambers had the noble power to oversee the work of mayors. Now, as a result of the recent vote by EMAS and the reform of the social security system for civil servants, they are merely mayors’ offices (Politics, 1). See projects submitted 30 minutes before the session begins. It is essential that city councils regain their prominent place in developing and proposing public policies in cities.
Rodrigo Gomez Abru
Saint Andre

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I agree
I totally agree with reader Humberto Schwartz Soares (blaming voters yesterday). The text is very relevant and reasonable. Will the company hire employees without references, curricula, diplomas or proof of knowledge in what it is proposing, in short, without in-depth analysis if it is right to hire them? The answer will certainly be no. Therefore, wisdom recommends that the voter have diligence in obtaining a minimum level of knowledge of the candidate who is presenting themselves. We must increasingly liquidate our representatives. With a quick internet search, the voter will have some references about the candidate. Another way is to dig deeper into the court sites on behalf of the candidate. And more: On the website of the Regional Electoral Tribunal (TRE) you can find more information. When we don’t, we elect politicians like Luis Miranda, among others implicated in various crimes.
Aylton in de Lima
St. Bernard