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CPCEcho signs a partnership agreement with Cynet

CPCEcho signs a partnership agreement with Cynet

a CPCEcho announced the latest partnership With the Senet. This collaboration marks a major milestone in CPCEcho's mission to provide digital security offerings to its clients.

In a statement, CPCEcho said that Cynet is at the forefront of the EDR/XDR market, not only because of its technology, but also because of its price competitiveness. This partnership combines CPCEcho's digital security expertise with Cynet's cutting-edge solutions, providing a valuable offering to companies looking to strengthen their cybersecurity defences.

One of the highlights of this partnership is Cynet's performance in the latest MITER ATT&CK assessment, where the Cynet platform achieved a superior score in all areas tested. This comprehensive assessment, designed to evaluate the capabilities of endpoint protection solutions, not only demonstrated Cynet's ability to detect threats across the entire MITER ATT&CK chain, ensuring that no threat goes unnoticed, but also highlighted Cynet's detection capabilities.

These capabilities provide information about what actions to take on each threat detected, highlighting the solution's ability to not only recognize threats, but also provide the details necessary to deal with them effectively. In addition, the Cynet solution ensures rapid response to threats, reducing opportunities for attackers and thus improving the overall security posture of the organization.

We are very proud to partner with Cynet, a company that has demonstrated outstanding security service in its field in the field of cybersecurity,” says Ricardo Souza of CPCEcho in a statement.This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the most effective, automated and competitive digital security solutions available in the market.“.

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