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Crago Mars rover flies to US |  Uranium

Crago Mars rover flies to US | Uranium

The final of the tournament starts on June 1st University Rover Challenge 2022, during which the AGH space team Settings Dealing with 36 Mars rover projects from around the world. Many challenges await students, including high temperatures in the Utah desert. That’s where the best construction teams compete with each other every year.

AGH Space Systems is a student construction team at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Crago, which deals with the development of aerospace technologies. The function of the orbit focuses on the development of sound-producing rockets, the development of the Mars rover project, and the conduct of various experiments using stratospheric balloons.

Built by AGH’s engineers, the Culman Rover will take part 4 events, Includes, among other things, service devices, tracking life tracks and automated driving. All missions are designed by judges working in the aerospace industry on a daily basis and correspond to the real challenges facing rovers sent to Mars.

Analog space travel will take place at a location that reflects the conditions prevailing on the red planet, viz Tuesday Desert Research Station, Located in the Utah Desert. The location is very secluded, with a characteristic land and too much sunlight, which is unlikely to allow underdeveloped or frequently failing rover designs to succeed. For this reason, the decision of a given rover is determined not only by its technological advancement, but also by the presence of individuals who can quickly eliminate the growing bugs. If this is why AGH Space Settings This year, he brings to the United States 12 different experts in various fields.

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During the competition, the Krakow team will present the new Rover subsidiaries they have been working on for the past year. Among them we can find others Gripper with cameras, remote sensors and interchangeable jaws, allowing you to capture even the smallest Allen key. The accuracy of the mobile robot is ensured by six-level manipulation, completed after two years of work, allowing any orientation of the gripper in space. What’s more, thanks to the use of reverse dynamic algorithms, the operator can select the exact position where the gripper is located, and the program will automatically calculate how many degrees each manipulation member should be moved. Achieve the intended goal.

It’s debut in the desert with enhanced autonomous navigation, the previous version of which was presented to Kalman for the best autonomous ride at the European Rover Challenge 2021. This year, when calculating the appropriate route for the rover, it will take. Take into account not only the height of the obstacles, but also their slope, which should significantly improve the entire ride. Communication with Kalman has also been modernized, which is possible from a distance of 1 km, thanks to a complete transformation of radio communication.

The competition ends on June 4 – we know the winners this year. You can also follow the coverage of the entire event in the US on AGH Space social media SettingsAnd on the organizers’ website University Rover challenge.

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Source: AGH Space Systems

Produced by: Elżbieta Kuligowska

In the photos: Kalman Rover and the rover crew of AGH Space Systems. Source: AGH

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