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crawling!  Christina Ferreira ends with "Christina Comveda" emotional and crying

crawling! Christina Ferreira ends with “Christina Comveda” emotional and crying

Cristina Ferreira finished her last emotional and tearful “Christina Comveda” song. The creator and presenter of the late afternoon TVI format couldn’t contain her feelings and ended up with teary eyes… divorced from the team. “Let me put an arc, remove Adelaide’s cover, and show Eduardo. All the characters he’s played for nearly a year. He’s been an exceptional companion every day, and not just on TV. And outside of it, he’s been so much more than that, as a friend, as a shoulder,” Christina said in the last seconds. …he said a little, because he did not have many words, he was shy and shy, but he never left my hand.” He added: “Neither he nor this whole team, which on very difficult days, because we all have … It was to get here to reach happiness. And with them, while continuing to make television, the house. Cristina, with her emotions on edge, in front of Eduardo Madeira is silent but passionate.

christina komvida farewell

“Cristina ComVida” ends less than a year after airing, always losing to the competition…and a bit of helping the channel in the audience war.

TV Guia reported this week that the program caused 2.5 million breaches of TVI’s treasury, a figure the channel has already denied.


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