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Crazy Airbnb prices in Liverpool during the Eurovision Song Contest - VG

Crazy Airbnb prices in Liverpool during the Eurovision Song Contest – VG

Won: Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra after victory in Italy in May.

Two days after it became clear that Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest next year, nearly all hotels are fully booked – and Airbnb prices are skyrocketing.

British Watchman It was announced on Saturday evening that hundreds of hotels in the city had already been sold out by the competition deadline – that is, from May 13-14, 2023.

According to the newspaper, showed that 99 percent of hotels are fully booked – eight months before the final event.

Special price hike

With hotels full, visitors have to find other options.

Those intending to turn to Airbnb, the online portal where users can view, search, book and use accommodations around the world, should prepare to browse.

The guardian He writes that an optimistic Liverpool resident set up his house – which sleeps ten people – to lend him a net amount of NOK 178,000 for a day.

Another hopes to get 130,000 NOK a day for his three-bedroom house.

Liverpool: City overview, dated April 26 this year.

When VG Sunday does an AirBnb search for two people on the same day – 13 visits appear in the price range of 7,200 NOK (for a single room with a double bed) and up to NOK 120,000 (the latter being a two-bedroom, three-bed apartment). Many have a loan rate of over NOK 50,000.

A search for accommodation for just one person on the same date yields the same results, but plus a room for 1500 NOK.

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At the same time reports daily Mail On Sunday afternoon, it caused an uproar that some people who had long rented Airbnb on the day in question in the past, are now choosing to cancel reservations so they can rent at higher rates.

He must take over the final

Ukraine won This year’s Eurovision final is in Italy, but due to the war, Great Britain took charge of next year’s event.

The choice was between Glasgow and Liverpool, but Friday In the evening, news came that it was the Liverpool Arena to be honored.

The semi-finals will be played on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May, while the final will be held on the following Saturday.