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Cristiano Ronaldo "for free" in Sporting?  The new hypothesis is mentioned

Cristiano Ronaldo “for free” in Sporting? The new hypothesis is mentioned

a Sporting will contact Manchester United and Jorge Mendes in order to propose the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo … “at no cost”. This information was provided, on Wednesday, by the British newspaper does not depend on.

The same publication states that the Portuguese international was conservative on this hypothesis, because despite his intention to continue playing in the Champions League, he intends to do so in the service of a club that gives him chances to win them.

The farewell to the 37-year-old striker also sparked discussions within the Red Devils structure, since, on the one hand, there is a fear that he will “contaminate” the locker room with his dissatisfaction, but, on the other hand, it remains to believe that he can be useful once other.

Madiran’s salary at Old Trafford has been cited as the main obstacle to the interests of clubs like Chelsea or Atlético Madrid, but that wouldn’t be a problem for the Lions, if they didn’t have to pay any money for it. pass him.

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