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Cristiano Ronaldo paid 27 trips to Thiago without his knowledge

Cristiano Ronaldo paid 27 trips to Thiago without his knowledge

The travel agent who scammed CR7 out of €288,000 received money from the ex-Benfica player.

The travel agent who scammed Cristiano Ronaldo around 288,000 euros over three years used CR7 credit cards to pay 27 trips for former Portuguese player Thiago Mendes. Without knowing it, Ronaldo paid for the trips of his former teammate to several European cities, but mainly Lyon, in France, Madrid, Spain and Turin in Italy, where Thiago represented the local football teams.

Meanwhile, Maria Silva was given a four-year suspended prison sentence for cheating CR7 about 200 runs, injuring an ace, super agent Jorge Mendes, his companies Gestifute and Polaris and footballers Nani and Manuel Fernandez, and they had a well-scheme assembled. At his Geostar agency office, which operates at Gestifute’s private headquarters, in Porto, he handled the travel of important players and their families. He had the full confidence of many players, so much so that CR7 provided him with a virtual credit card, as well as the corresponding tokens. Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo never noticed the emptying of the bank account, because far from his concerns such as logistics or payment related to travel.

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