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Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal deserves another award in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal deserves another award in Saudi Arabia

a The Saudi Professional League announced today, Monday, that Cristiano Ronaldo’s last goal, in Al-Nasr’s victory over Damac (2-1), was chosen as the best goal in the tenth round of the Saudi Championship, which is something that does not exist. It is new for the Madeiran striker.

The 38-year-old Portugal international did his job again with a free-kick and the conversion for Luis Castro’s side in last Saturday’s match.

In the race for the award, there were also the accurate shots of Amir Oud, the Al-Raed player, as well as Abbas Al-Hassan, the Al-Fateh player, but it was the Saudi Arabia runner-up striker who won the award.

Remember that Cristiano Ronaldo, who won the Player of the Year award last September, has already seen his goals nominated for weekly or monthly awards several times.

You can review the live free kick here.

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