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Cristina Ferreira, Cláudio Ramos

Cristina Ferreira and Claudio Ramos together on TVI Morning?

Cristina Ferreira may return in the mornings on TVI and lead the “Dois à 10” team with Claudio Ramos.

Information provided by Mariana Magazine. source close to station Ensures that the duo Cristina Ferreira and Claudio Ramos are not forgotten, and therefore, September will be one of the most important decisions.

Al-Sabah was her life for years and years and people got used to it. Usually people and evidence of this that their program at the end of the afternoon was not loyal to the audienceThe source told the magazine.

There is no denying that everyone loved the duo he made with Claudio and this could be an alternative to consider. (…) Therefore, Christina will have to think carefully about what she intends to start in SeptemberHe added, noting that September is the month of TVI’s big decisions.

A source close to Paço de Arcos says that “something is missing” in the duo Maria Botillo Muniz and Claudio Ramos.

He [com a Maria Botelho Moniz] He does ‘Two at 10’, but something missing there feels in the air‘,” the above-mentioned post tells.

Cristina Ferreira may be preparing the news for TVI’s schedule in September.

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