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Cristina Ferreira and Daniel Oliveira together for the first time after a controversial departure - Verveer

Cristina Ferreira and Daniel Oliveira together for the first time after a controversial departure – Verveer

It was the first time that Cristina Ferreira and Daniel Oliveira had met, following the lawsuit brought by SIC against TVI’s current presenter and director of entertainment and novel, who unilaterally terminated the contract with Paço de Arcos station.

Cristina Ferreira and Daniel Oliveira, General Director of Entertainment at SIC, participated this Tuesday in one of the seminars of the 7th Meeting of Independent Television Producers, where Jose Fragoso, Director of Programs at RTP 1 attended. Their view on the impact of broadcast platforms on public channels, and at first glance, no one will say That SIC and TVI officials amicably concealed a war that both preferred not to comment on (see box).

Cristina Ferreira immediately warned reporters that she would not make statements, while Daniel Oliveira spoke about the merits of the meeting but refused to answer a question about the inevitable reunion with his rival.

Only Cristina Ferreira “charged the touch” at one particular moment of the debate. When the moderator sympathetically noted that “despite the years” all participants were “the same,” the TVI director was careful to remember her change of platform. “Maybe I will benefit. They were both my managers. I wasn’t a manager of either of them yet,” she asserted.

The case is still pending in court
The varnish broke in 2020, when Cristina Ferreira tore up the contract that was supposed to unite her at SIC until November 2022, after she helped bring the leadership back to Canal Francisco Pinto Balsemão. She returned to TVI as a contributor and became the director of entertainment and fiction at Queluz de Baixo station. The case was taken to court and SIC asked the broadcaster more than 20 million euros, but Christina is only willing to pay 2.3 million in compensation, the value of salaries she did not receive, that is, 80 thousand euros for each of the 29 months he did not complete.

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