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Cristina Ferreira preparing a "secret weapon" for the latest attack on Daniel Oliveira - Nacional

Cristina Ferreira preparing a “secret weapon” for the latest attack on Daniel Oliveira – Nacional

A year and two months before TVI’s entertainment and fantasy destinations, Cristina Ferreira failed to dislodge SIC from leading the crowd, and its main goal, and according to TV Guia, The manager is ready to take a risk In early 2022: Do a soap opera at 7:00 pm, which will provoke another A small revolution in the network at the Queluz de Baixo station.

happy as Roberto Pereira, who signs with Festa É Festa, Christina Ferreira has already asked the author to develop, as soon as possible, “A light and fun story that makes people laugh at home after a day’s work”I found the same post. “Party É Festa is a success, as the results prove, and it’s only natural that Cristina is excited about Roberto and wants him in another project… Humor is Roberto’s Beach,” justifies a source from producer Plural, TVI’s national fantasy factory.

With just over a month and a half before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this will be a race against time. Likes Registrations scheduled for the first days of next yearThe work, at the moment, is focused on casting, casting, and external locations for recordings.

Read the full story in this week’s edition of TV Guia, now on newsstands.

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