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Cristina recalls her breakup with Antonio Casinhas: “There was persecution”

Cristina recalls her breakup with Antonio Casinhas: “There was persecution”

Foi On Carolina Deslands’ “A Duas Vozes” podcast, Christina Ferreira spoke candidly about several topics, almost all of which focused on the fact that she is a public figure.

At one point, the presenter states about the separation from Antonio Casinhas and highlights the “persecution” that she said she suffered during that time, and in which her son was also involved.

“That’s when I was so sad that I chose this profession, because I wasn’t the only one who appeared on the covers of magazines, I was someone who didn’t choose this life. [o filho]Someone who had his own life and I felt that he was in pain, because I was the one who chose to be a public figure and I put him in this position.He began saying.

“It was ugly and sad. There was constant persecution. I left the house with my son and didn’t know until the next day that there were people at the door to take my picture.”He added, indicating that this harassment also extends to the former partner.

“My son’s father would go anywhere and feel eyes on him. He even had lunch with his sister and he felt people were condemning him because they didn’t know she was his sister.”He explained that he still remembers an episode he said was “amazing”.

“I’m at the gate [da escola do filho] And 20 children participate in calling my name. I see him go it alone and find myself thinking “poor guy”. He entered with great confidence without looking back.”mentioned.

“When I’m with my son, I really want to be invisible. Those are the only moments. Plus, I really like people’s affection. Doing something wrong and not knowing if the whole country will know about it the next day is a very difficult burden to bear.” bear being a sonChristine concluded.

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He listens here The full interview.

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