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Cristina Ríos Amorim replaces Antonio Lobo Xavier as Vice President of BPI

Cristina Ríos Amorim replaces Antonio Lobo Xavier as Vice President of BPI

Antonio Lobo Xavier submitted a request for a backlog of tasks, “which was recognized as being consistent with the tasks of a member of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee, but not necessarily with the tasks of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors,” BPI says.

Banco BPI announced that CaixaBank is the sole shareholder, by unanimous decision In writing, the appointment is approved Cristina Ríos de Amorim, Vice PresidentChairman of Board of Directors, Instead of Antonio Lobo Xavier, who remains on the board of directors administration.

The change results from the fact that “Antonio Lobo Xavier introduced Job backlog request, If this Admit it, being Compatible with to Duties of a member of the Board of DirectorsTraction and audit committee, but not necessarily with Subordinate DeputyChairman of Board of Directors”.

As is known, the lawyer is the new president of the EDP.

CaixaBank also decided to ratify this joint election, which was approved by the Board of Directors of Banco BPI, two6 March 2024, by María Inés Martins Valadas as member of the Board of Directors Management and member of the Risk Committee until the end of the current term (20232025), to replace Sandra Maria Santos, who submitted her resignation.

Start of jobs This new non-executive director relies on “Approval from supervisory authorities is required.”

It was also decided to appoint Maria Inés Martinez Valadas as a member of the bank’s Audit Committee Baby Until the end of the period (20232025), in submarinesSandra's nickname Maria Santos submitted her resignation.

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“The beginning of the duties of this new member For the committee The bank concludes that the audit depends on the necessary approval from the supervisory authorities.