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Critics follow each other.  Carlos Cruz relentlessly with "Big Brother".  The former presenter does not leave much without turning it over - National

Critics follow each other. Carlos Cruz relentlessly with “Big Brother”. The former presenter does not leave much without turning it over – National

This is the latest version of TVI’s ‘Big Brother’ seems to make a lot of enemies. From commentators to former competitors and even presenters, many critics have been. It’s Carlos Cruz’s turn to have harsh words In the evaluation of the program presented by Claudio Ramos and Manuel Luis Josha.

In the history of “Tal & Qual” newspaper, the person who was Considered a “master of television” Refers to the current version of “BB” as a file Torture of competitors beyond what is acceptable.. “With a group of participants who raise the bar for quality, it can be interesting to see their behaviors and interactions. The program took another path. dangerous >> adjective‘, criticized the previous presenter.

Ricardo and Joanna already had sex inside the “Big Brother” house. Rita and Deborah say everything

According to Carlos Cruz, among the “torture” applied, there are some types of torture that he considers “inhuman”. Commitment to paramilitary physical exercise, the use of intermittent and sudden awakenings in the middle of the night, false expectations, cutting out food, and “dilemmas” that It’s pure sadistic behavior that plays with serious feelings for money (Withdraw two thousand euros from the common prize so that the contestant can hear her son’s voice for a minute or two), etc. all this and more, Turns an entertainment program into a toxic product.

Big Brother is under fire on all fronts

Among the competitors that were for him Ana Barbosa is the most punished, “often on the verge of a nervous breakdown” and now Ricardo, whom Carlos Cruz considers all the controversy created artificially. Armed as a Joker in front of Bruno, he stamped himself at length. The judge of the “Big Brothers” fell on him with a heavy handBecause he bragged about doing something he didn’t (topic: sex)”.

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“Since the regulation only covers things that can or cannot be done, The punishment and shouting that made the public more interested in the controversy than in the political, economic and social crisis we are going through is not clear. It’s ridiculous, says the former announcer, explaining that given all the humiliation he should have been “just reprimanded” for what he said, and later opening up the possibility of “discussing” the matter freely at home.

Carlos Cruz also calls the voice “sadistic” because it often puts competitors in check. “it’s a pity!”

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