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Crown Prince Pavlos attracts attention – that’s why he has an eyepatch

Crown Prince Pavlos attracts attention – that’s why he has an eyepatch


When members of the royal family dress up in their luxurious attire, they are often seen wearing elegant hats and tiaras. However, that was not the case when Greek and Danish Crown Prince Pavlos, 56, appeared at the British Fashion Awards in London this week.

- Completely fake

– Completely fake

The Greek Crown Prince attended alongside his wife, Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, 55, and was dressed for the occasion in a black formal suit – accompanied by a black patch covering his left eye.

Now the Crown Prince explains the reason behind the mysterious eye patch Instagram.

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Pavlos reveals that he underwent surgery in London a week ago due to retinal detachment – an eye disease in which the retina is completely or partially detached, ensuring that the person suffers from a heavy shadow in part or all of the field of vision, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. . SML (Large Medical Encyclopedia). So Pavlos must protect his eye in the future.

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Crown Prince Pavlos is the son of King Constantine II of Greece and Anne Marie of Denmark. In 1995, he married American billionaire heiress Marie-Chantal.

To this day, the couple is still married, has five children, and lives in New York.

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