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Crown Prince Princess Leonor of Spain: - The Crown Prince was surprised by this assertion

Crown Prince Princess Leonor of Spain: – The Crown Prince was surprised by this assertion

In the line of heirs to the throne in Europe, One finds the heir, Princess Leonor (15) of Spain. Two-year-old younger sister, Sophia, is the second in the line of succession. Leonor was on several occasions on royal missions with his parents, King Philip (53) and Queen Letizia (48).

However, in March, there was no king or queen in sight as a princess for the first time It represents the Spanish Royal House alone On an official assignment. Leonor was present on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Instituto Cervantes, a cultural center in Madrid.

This is just one of the many ways the heir to the throne – who is also the youngest in Europe – prepares for a life full of royal duties.

Leonor lives more adults than most 15-year-olds, and on Friday, she took another big step up with the adult ranks. Then the crown prince was confirmed.

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Show off your hairstyle

Crown Princess Leonor was confirmed in Madrid on Friday, May 28. He was a buttery supporter who showed up with the family outside of the church.

Leonor was wearing a beautiful royal blue dress, oversized in beige color. On her mouth, like most others of those times, she wore a matching face mask. Little Sister Sofia chose a floral summer dress for the occasion.

Sisters: Leonor and Sophia shined beautiful dresses on their first confirmation day.  Photo: Michael Murdock / Splash News / NTB
Sisters: Leonor and Sophia starred in beautiful dresses on their first confirmation day. Photo: Michael Murdock / Splash News / NTB
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Confirmation Day was an important day for the main character herself, and the Crown Prince seized the opportunity to show off her new haircut. She was previously seen with her long golden brown hair. Now, however, the long eyelids have fallen off.

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Long waves: Before the curls fell out, Leonor had long hair.  Photo: Shutterstock / NTB
Long loads: Before the curls fell, Leonor was long-haired. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB
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The 15-year-old unveiled the new welding for the first time during the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Cervantes Institute. Now it looks like the shorter look is here to stay.

Moving from Spain

There is no doubt that the young heir to the throne is popular with the people – despite the fact that the rest of the royal family looks out and often makes headlines with various scandals.

On Spain’s National Day in 2019 Many turned their eyes to the young princessWho does not seem withdrawn or shy about meeting the Spanish people in public.

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Leonor is usually seen with a broad smile on his face, which is something Britain will enjoy in the future. In the fall, the 15-year-old will set his course in Wales.

The Spanish royal family was able to reveal this in a press release earlier this year.

The press release stated that she will be leaving in August, and that the plan is to complete the final portion of high school on an international streak at UWC Atlantic College in Wales.

The Crown Princess will remain in Wales for two years. The school’s accommodation costs are paid for through the apanasje of the royal family.

Leonor is known to exist The youngest crown princess in EuropeThis is for the simple reason that her father assumed the throne early, when Felipe’s father, skandaleombruste kong Juan Carlos (83)And the He abdicated suddenly in 2014.

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