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Crumbling for PC VR – Pizza Fria has been released

Crumbling for PC VR – Pizza Fria has been released

On Thursday the 18th of this month, Crumbling Games launched a rogue-like action-adventure game designed for virtual reality (VR). Collapsel Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 that it Steam virtual reality. Watch the launch trailer!

Collapse Offers a unique combat style experience Hack 'n' slash. Players embark on an enchanting adventure, facing an invasion of plastic toy monsters that promise to take everyone back to childhood.

The game takes place in the famous Crumbles Crafts and Comics store. There, players will see their Crumbling miniature come to life and discover the story of Mr. and Mrs. Crumble through animated and narrated picture books. The story revolves around Crumbles' magical ingredients being stolen by the evil Böse Corporation. The goal is to fight the company's toy monsters and save the store.

in CollapsePlayers control their characters with just one hand, mimicking the gameplay of childhood action figures. The palm-sized hero is animated by a stunning, beautifully crafted diorama. Players face an army of plastic monsters in dynamic and exciting combat. It is necessary to carefully monitor enemies to predict their behavior and launch attacks to defeat them. The game requires skill and timing to dodge, counterattack, and advance to the next boss. In true roguelike fashion, if you fail, the player learns from each defeat and comes back stronger to defeat their enemies.

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