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Crusader Kings III, Into the Pit, Stray Blade, and other Xbox news at Gamescom 2021

Crusader Kings III, Into the Pit, Stray Blade, and other Xbox news at Gamescom 2021

This Tuesday (24) Xbox Show took place at Gamescom 2021, the online event that runs until next Sunday (29). As usual, Microsoft repeated a presentation similar to We saw this yearInterspersed with unreleased news and videos of previously announced games. The main highlights of this broadcast have been collected below.

xCloud for our keyboards

With Game Pass Ultimate, a premium subscription that gives you access to hundreds of games, you’ll be able to play directly from your console via the cloud. So, if you are interested in trying out one of the new features of the virtual library, just play the game via streaming. This turned out to be a workable solution for those who own an Xbox Series S, a console with relatively little storage space.

No exact date yet, news will arrive by the end of this year (between November and December). It hasn’t been announced whether this will be valid for the entire world at the same time, so there will probably be country-specific restrictions in the first place, as was the case with xCloud before arriving in Brazil.

Humble games at launch

Humble Bundle standalone games will be available to play since launch as a partnership between the company and Microsoft. In the video above we see ArchiveAnd Coming Space Rebels, Midnight Express Fight, Bushiden They are already released Dodgeball AcademyA game made by a Brazilian team.

Third Crusade Kings

The strategy game released last year will be shown on consoles for the first time, in an Xbox Series X | S, undated yet.

death light 2

On the 7th of December we will have death light 2zombie game with parkour, for Xbox One and Series X | S. Today we have another snippet that shows the gameplay of this long-awaited title. Only in Series X version will it play in 4K/UHD resolution.

shard blade

Scheduled to be launched in 2022, shard blade is an action RPG for Xbox Series X | S. Judging from the trailer and damage show, the game will be based on exploring the world. Note that the gameplay snippet shown is from a pre-alpha release (shown by the watermark in the right corner), so we can only get a basic idea of ​​this title still in development.

in the hole

in the hole Another announcement of the day was an FPS type game with features Rogolite. It will be released on October 19 for PC and Xbox One via Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

There have been many news about Microsoft Flight Simulator During the event, but we decided to highlight the VoloCity of the German company Volocopter, an air taxi very similar to a giant drone. Microsoft claims that this will be the first helicopter among others it plans to add to the newly released game on consoles. There is no date yet for the vehicle to be listed.

Among other new features, we have a detailed Junkers JU-52 (via enlargement) and a map update for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (6th Global Update), both available on September 7. The Reno Air Races Championship will arrive within the next few months as the game’s first major expansion.

Sea of ​​Thieves – Ship of Chaos Collection

Chaos Making is a free event exclusive to sea ​​of ​​thieves This will allow players to unlock the Mayhem collection between now and September 7, which is a cross between this game and the franchise. Borderlands.


ginkgo is an adventure and exploration game coming to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC in December via Game Pass.


On September 23, it will be released Ember, a competitive multiplayer game based on deliveries and heists.

Forza Horizon 5

At least 8 minutes of playing from Forza Horizon 5 It was revealed by Microsoft through Gamescom. Much reminiscent of introducing the predecessor, we have the vehicles running in different biomes, giving us a taste of what we can expect in this game coming out on November 9 for Xbox One and Series X | S and PC.

They also showed a color control and rubber, a limited edition inspired by Horizon 5, currently available at pre-sale Abroad about 400 Brazilian Real.

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