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Crush media owner Meghan Markle – VG

Meghan and the media: The paparazzi shot when Meghan Markle left a service at Westminster Abbey in London in the spring of 2018. At the time, she was engaged to Prince Harry. The couple is currently married and has two children.

Britain’s Mail on Sunday swerved like an eel in the net, but eventually gave up – and apologized to Duchess Meghan.


Meghan Markle receives a public apology from the tabloid after winning a lawsuit. Many international publications write after the news became known on Christmas Day.

The apology was printed on the Mail’s front page on Sunday after it was determined that the newspaper and MailOnline had breached Markle’s privacy in February 2019. At the time, the publishers published portions of The Duchess’s five-page letter to her father Shortly after Prince Harry’s wedding in May 2018.

– This is a victory not only for me, but for everyone who was afraid to say what was right, Meghan Markle said in a statement.

Said: Meghan Markle said in a statement that she considers the apology a victory.

Three years after the long-running privacy battle began over a handwritten letter to her estranged father, publishers have agreed to pay the Duchess “financial damages,” he writes. Watchman.

In addition to the public apology printed on the front page of Mail on Sunday and the Mail Online website, the Duchess can also expect to receive significant financial compensation from the newspaper group.

In March, it was decided that the publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday would pay 90 percent of Meghan’s legal fees. This is according to People Magazine Estimated $1.88 million to follow up on the case for 18 months.

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The apology was clearly a long way off, but the Mail on Sunday finally apologized with an inclusive 64-word news story that stated that the newspaper had infringed on copyright and that “money damages have been agreed”. The apology was also posted to the Mail Online just before midnight on Christmas Day with links to the ruling.

The Duchess sued Associated Newspapers over five articles reproducing a “personal and private” letter to Thomas Markle in August 2018. She won her case earlier this year when Supreme Court Justice Lord Justice Warby issued a summary ruling in her favor without the need for a trial.

Walk their own private ways: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan greet people on their way from church after the wedding.

Early on February 11 this year, Judge Mark Warby of the High Court in London ordered The Mail on Sunday to print the apology with a longer “notice” inside the newspaper under the headline “The Duchess of Sussex”.

The judge also demanded that the apology be displayed on the MailOnline website for a week with the inclusion of a hyperlink to the official ruling and summary.

Gain from lies and pain

Despite legal protests from the publisher, the London Court of Appeal upheld Judge Warby’s ruling in the privacy and copyright violation case on December 2.

The actress and former activist for the company “Switz” who even after her marriage to Prince Harry described herself as outspoken, does not hide what she means:

“What matters most is that we are now collectively brave enough to transform the tabloid industry that makes people cruel, and takes advantage of the lies and pain they create,” Meghan Markle continues in the statement.

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Meet Desmond Tutu: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan hold their son Archie as they greet deceased Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa in September 2019.

She gives newspaper publishers a slippery slope and says she saw the trial as an “important goal of right versus wrong.”

The accused treated it as a game without rules. The longer they persist, the more they can distort facts and manipulate the audience (even during the appeal itself), making an extraordinarily complex simple case to generate more headlines and sell more newspapers—a model that rewards chaos before the truth. The Duchess claims that in the nearly three years since it started, I’ve been patient in the face of deception, threats and calculated attacks.

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