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Cruzeiro's passion and the link with Hulk: Who is the mayor who called Atletico MG the “disgrace of Minas” |  Mining Championship

Cruzeiro's passion and the link with Hulk: Who is the mayor who called Atletico MG the “disgrace of Minas” | Mining Championship

Nivaldo Andrade is the mayor of São João del Rey and has provoked Atlético MG a lot – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

“Shame of Minas“. The phrase said this Monday before Nivaldo Andrade, Mayor of Sao Joao del Rey, in A provocation for Atletico MG It went viral and had repercussions on social media. The video circulating on several platforms appears precisely in the week in which Athletic Club, the team of the city headed by the CEO, hosts Gallo in the Mineiro Championship on Thursday, at 9 p.m., at the Joaquim Portugal Stadium. And It is far from being Nivaldo Andrade's first strike at Gallo.

Since 2023, the mayor of Campo das Vertines has been publishing content to provoke Alvinegro. Hey ge Recalling Nivaldo's history of ridicule, he… Cruzeiro fan that it He likes to choose the Hulk strikersports idol.

Mayor of Sao Joao del Rey provokes Atletico MG again: “Shame on Minas Gerais”

The video released on Monday is another of many posted with provocations from Nivaldo Andrade to Atletico MG. The first time the mayor went public was after the first match of the 2023 Mineiro semi-final.

After Athletic's 1-0 win over Gallo in Sao Joao del Rey, Nivaldo provoked Andrade Hulk. Atletico striker MG criticized the behavior of the Athletic players after the final whistle in the defeat.

As a result, on March 14, the mayor elected in 2020 decided to provoke the attacker.

Nivaldo said in a video clip: “Hulk, you have already played, but today you are worthless!”

Furthermore, around the same time, another video surfaced on social media. In it, Nivaldo Andrade stated that he would collect money from sponsors to pay R$100,000 to the team, so that the athletes could buy meat and even Viagra. (Watch the video above).

The person who recorded the video and was next to the politician was striker Sasa, a former Cruzeiro player who was at Athletic. He and the other players relished the promise.

-I will give them R$5,000 if they win. Let's find 20 sponsors, I don't think anyone will deny that. Twenty sponsors for R$5,000, or 33 sponsors for R$3,000. They need R$100,000 worth of animals to buy Viagra, to buy meat, to buy things.

Cruzeiro's Passion and Apology to Hulk and “Bite and Beat”

Mayor of São João del Rey joked with Hulk, from Atletico MG: “Saturday, goodbye!”

The CEO of Minas Gerais said his son and brothers support Gallo from the capital. However, in style “blow and bite”He did not miss the opportunity to mock Atletico's top scorer again.

— Hulk, this is Nivaldo, mayor of São João del Rey, on Saturday (Sunday), everyone was excited about the match, you are for Gallo and I am for Athletic, when you said that the Athletic boys will not leave São João, right? ? Then I said that about you, it was in the emotion of the game. You are a great player, you have won in life and in football, I think you should also encourage young people, but as you know…

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“My son is an athlete and a fan. My brothers are athlete (sic) and they like you. I'm from Cruzeiro and now I'm an athlete, because she's from my city. If I hurt you or anything, I apologize, you're a great player. But Saturday… bye guys! Athlete!” !

Although the video was a huge hit on social media, the one who had the last laugh was Hulk. With his goal, Atlético won the second leg 1-0 at Independencia, reaching the final and becoming champions.

In a new provocation to Hulk, the mayor of Campo das Ferentes said that Athletic will “try” in Gallo and that the city team must “put four” in the capital team.

Nivaldo Andrade once again provoked Hulk Waldock – Photo: Reproduction

– Athletic must put at least four in Gallo. Rooster with Hulk, that fat ass who doesn't do anything… Rooster's team is worthless. Athletic will applaud it, because Gallo is the disgrace of Minas today. (…) The rooster will kill the Atletians with rage and fever.

Both teams arrive under pressure for Thursday's match. Atlético MG lost to Nivaldo's Cruzeiro in the Superclássico at Arena MRV. Athletic also received a negative result against Tombiense away from home.

Sao Joao del Rey has four points and ranks third in Group C. Atletico MG occupies second place in Group B with three points. Both teams would be eliminated from the tournament if the state tournament ended today.