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Crying, Pedro Nuno Santos says he wants a second child.  “We never succeeded”

Crying, Pedro Nuno Santos says he wants a second child. “We never succeeded”

'sEdro Nuno Santos, 46 years old. “I am as I am, with great precision.” This is how the SIC interview program began broadcasting on Saturday, February 17th.

The Secretary General of the Socialist Party spoke with Daniel Oliveira and was immediately questioned about the fact that he was at the head of one of the most important parties on the national scene. “A huge responsibility, the weight of the history of a 50-year-old party, which I have been part of since I was very young.”It is to explain.

Pedro Nuno Santos then recalled his childhood, which he says was always linked to the field in which he now works. “We always talked about politics at home and I participated in those conversations. I had great debates with my father and they were often difficult.”it's Don.

Pedro said he was still stuck in the past “From an early age” his friends “realized that he had leadership and debating skills,” and that although he enjoyed what he did, there were also “times when he thought, ‘Does this make sense?’”

When talking about his family, Pedro Nuno Santos made sure to comment on the controversy surrounding the fact that his son took to the stage during the recent Socialist Party Congress, which ensured that it was a surprise: “He was not expected to go to the conference, let alone go on stage. I try to separate political life from personal and family life, but it is not easy to protect the family.”

Regarding his parents, the politician said: “My mother is a special woman, like all mothers. She is a fighter who almost lives for her children, works and strives for her children. She has dedicated her life to her children, to me and my sister. She suffers a lot.” With what is happening to us, my father also suffers, but on the other hand, my mother suffers from her children’s problems a lot, and there were some moments that cost me a lot. They were difficult for me and especially difficult for her, because she knows when I am not feeling well.”

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“A mother does not like to see her child being abused, and it is not easy to hear the things people say about her child.”he added.

You don't always get what you want and we wanted a bigger family and never got itThen Pedro arrived in 2022. “It was terrible for me. The government was left with a case that received a lot of media attention and had a huge impact.” He began by saying, then assumed the desire for him and his partner, Ana Catarina Gamboa, to expand their family.

“The TAP issue, from a political point of view, was very painful. It was a very difficult year for Katarina, there were life projects that we could not achieve and it was very difficult. You don't always get what you want and we wanted a bigger family and we never got it, we have our son , the best thing in our lives, but there were wishes like all families and in 2022 we did not get them. [marcas] naturally”, He cried with tears.

Pedro Nuno Santos also defended himself against one of the criticisms directed at him. The politician does not agree that he is reckless and even said, “In Portugal we confuse decision with impulsiveness.” “I have a more passionate way of standing up for the things I believe in, which is who I am and what I do. I dedicate myself to my struggles.”confirmed.

Finally, to the usual question “What do your eyes say?”, Pedro Nuno Santos answered: “My life is good, I have always been very lucky. My eyes say that I am a happy person, despite being emotional. I am very happy with my family and today I am in a situation that motivates me a lot and makes me great.”

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