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Criptomoedas deixam Bitcoin para trás e Binance suspende saques

Cryptocurrencies leave Bitcoin behind and Binance is suspending withdrawals

Last week was a very busy cryptocurrency market.

There was an announcement by Elon Musk Knocking preço do Bitcoin and Binance Being The US investigation and Tether reveal USDT ballast.

But the highlights of the week focused mainly on cryptocurrencies, which have appreciated or may soon rise in value.

Check out the most read articles on CriptoFácil in the last week:

Binance suspends withdrawals to its platform on Monday

Last week started off busy with Binance announcing the temporary withdrawal of withdrawals starting Monday (10).

Although the exchange did not provide details about the suspension, the stop was attributed to the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency listing, which has risen in value by more than 570% in the past seven days. Read more.

Vitalik Buterin causes a decrease in SHIB and other tokens that take liquidity

In addition to Binance’s alleged paralysis, Shiba Inu’s expressive spike also caused Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin to pour 2.19 trillion SHIB tokens into the market.

This action caused the price of the cryptocurrency to drop. After all, once the news broke, investors rushed to ditch their tokens. Read more.

There are 5 Tokens on Coinbase and may launch soon

The so-called “Coinbase effect” was also present last week. Trader Jay, of the Coin Bureau channel, also noted that five projects that received investments from Coinbase Ventures could be listed and launched, as it happened. Read more.

The token “Build Bitcoin with Ethereum” may be valued at 1,000%

Also notable is BitBoy Crypto Analyst Ben Armstrong. In a recent video, it was mentioned that the Elrond token (EGLD) combines the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum. For this reason, the “son” of this consortium has everything to be one of the best crypto assets to invest in 2021. Read more.

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The ICO token is up 25,300% in 10 days

Another symbol that rose last week was FINE, from Project Refinable, which is estimated to be over 25,000% after the ICO. Project Refinable sells itself as the first flagship hub for non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Read more.

The cryptocurrency is outperforming Bitcoin and is already worth around R $ 500,000

An upward movement from Public Funding (YFI) has also emerged in the past week. The first cryptocurrency to beat Bitcoin in history repeated this feat, reaching $ 93,435 on Wednesday (12). In other words, approximately 488,300 BRL is quoted in Rials. Meanwhile, Bitcoin was trading around $ 56,350 (294,490 Rials). Read more.

Cardano made Bitcoin eat the dust, but it’s not over yet

Another cryptocurrency that left Bitcoin behind, but by appreciation, was Cardano (ADA). The digital currency reached new price records last week, and at the time of writing this article it is trading at $ 1.93. But dealer Lark Davis thinks this is just the beginning. Read more.

Veteran refers to a valuable cryptocurrency like Ethereum

Ethereum was one of the most highly regarded digital assets last week, having crossed $ 4,350. But another cryptocurrency offers better buy options that can track ETH and give investors greater profits. Read more.

5 cheap tokens promising high profit

Also in the kind of altcoins that they can appreciate, a market analyst known as Ben G Crypto has listed some alternative currencies that are promising, with a market value of less than 100 million USD. Read more.

5 cheap cryptocurrencies during this rally

Finally, analyst Wellington Silva listed 5 inexpensive cryptocurrencies in this cycle. Additionally, according to him, these cryptocurrencies have robust ventures and have the potential to value 1000% in the long run. Read more.

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