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Semana das criptomoedas: altcoins que podem superar Bitcoin e token dispara 1.000% em 1 mês

Cryptocurrencies that can beat bitcoin and token up to 1000% in one month

Last week wasn’t entirely positive for Bitcoin (BTC). On Friday (the ninth), the largest cryptocurrency is trading in market cap around $ 57,980 (around R $ 318,100) with a negative difference of 1.5% in the past seven days.

In this BTC correction scenario, the crypto industry is particularly interested in discovering cryptocurrencies that have the potential to generate greater profits than Bitcoin.

CriptoFácil Week’s highlights bring together major indicators for cryptocurrency traders and high-potential analysts in the short term.

The trader shares cryptocurrencies that may beat Bitcoin in April

First of all, we have tips about cryptocurrencies that could beat Bitcoin in April by renowned analyst Ben Armstrong. According to him, altcoins such as Theta, Elrond, and Synthetix can be very profitable. Read more.

The token based on Ethereum is ready for launch in April

Another one to highlight an alternative currency that could be launched until this month is the “smart contractor”. According to the analyst, the token built on Ethereum is ready to go up and worth more than Bitcoin. Read more.

3 Cryptocurrencies to Exceed Bitcoin Profits in the Short Term

As for analyst Akash Jeremath, three of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap are showing signs of bullish movement as he explained, Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Uniswap (UNI) have the potential to outperform Bitcoin in performance. Short term. Read more.

6 cryptocurrencies to beat Ethereum gain, according to the analyst

In addition to cryptocurrencies that could outpace Bitcoin, readers were also interested to see which projects might be more profitable than Ethereum (ETH). According to trader and analyst Cantering Clark, there are at least six crypto systems that are capable of this. Read more.

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Plus Bitcoin and Ethereum: The 3 Best Digital Currencies to Invest

Analyst John Shepherd, still in this cryptocurrency footprint with the potential to leave BTC and ETH behind, said Tron (TRX), BitTorrent (BTT) and Coin (CRO) are the top three options. Read more.

Cardano may outperform Bitcoin during this rally, says the analyst

In addition to Girimath, analyst Michaël van de Poppe is also optimistic about Cardano (ADA). According to him, the cryptocurrency could reach an impressive mark of 1600% of estimate in 2021, surpassing BTC. Read more.

3 cryptocurrencies that can earn more than Bitcoin

Aaron Arnold, Altcoin Daily cryptocurrency analyst, believes that some alternative digital currencies will be more valuable than Bitcoin in the current cycle. According to him, even though BTC is the most valuable digital currency in the market, many investors are focusing on smaller digital assets. After all, they can make more BTC profits in the short term. Read more.

BitTorrent Token Launched 1,000% in One Month; Understand

As Shepherd pointed out, BitTorrent has, in fact, exploded. In the past seven days, crypto has risen 225%, from $ 0.003 on March 29 to $ 0.012 (0.068 Brazilian reals). In the accumulated month, the token value has already increased by more than 1,000%. Read more.

The alternate season is here: The 5 best digital currencies to profit from

Returning to the cryptocurrency recommendations, well-known trader Lark Davis has listed the best cryptocurrencies for the current season. According to him, they are moving faster and faster and 2021 will be a “crazy” year for these cryptocurrencies. Read more.

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Lark Davis: 5 cheap Binance cryptocurrencies to take advantage of this rally

Finally, Davis also mentioned five cheap crypto assets available on the Binance platform to take advantage of the current altcoin season. The list includes Polygon (MATIC), Injective Protocol (INJ), and Kava (KAVA). Read more.

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