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Cryptocurrency miners in Chia start selling hard drives and SSDs at a loss

Cryptocurrency miners in Chia start selling hard drives and SSDs at a loss

Crypto Chia recently came out with a promise to put HDDs and SDDs into mining. It has the distinction of being an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly currency that quickly captured the attention of miners all over the world.

However, the popularity of the digital currency appears to be short-lived. According to recent information, Chia miners have already started selling their SSDs and HDDs, but at a loss.

Shea value drops and miners sell equipment

According to the data, the value of the cryptocurrency Chia has been declining recently. If in May 2021 it reaches 1,300 euros, this is currently the eco-digital currency Valley Only about 190 euros.

This is then a sharp drop in value and therefore the miners of this cryptocurrency are make some decisions So all is not lost.

So, according to the information, cryptocurrency miners in Chia began selling hardware for mining, or rather, the cultivation of this digital currency. Specifically, HDD and SDD disks are sold, even new models, they have never been used and are still closed, but at a loss.

In some cases, some users have tried to sell their used hard drives and hard drives, to mine them as new, as a way to get more money and get some investment back. However, we are talking about equipment whose use more intensively than usual leads to even greater deterioration. As a result, the discs have a shorter shelf life, and in this sense, they are expected to sell for a lower price.

There is a specific example of a Vietnamese miner who, in a Facebook group dedicated to Chia, tried to sell a large amount of 8TB hard drives. But he complained that he had not found buyers in recent days and, accordingly, probably reduced the value of the equipment to 74 euros, in a direct transfer.

In turn, the store owner also revealed that selling hard drives is more difficult than selling graphics cards. This is because people today are afraid to be fooled because “a 1TB SSD has a shelf life of 80 days in mining, while with normal use it can last up to 10 years.”

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