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Cryptoriking Dead: Giant Wealth Can Be Smoked

Cryptoriking Dead: Giant Wealth Can Be Smoked

When controversial controversial billionaire Mircea Popescu (41) died suddenly at the end of June, he left behind a massive fortune in Bitcoin.

He is said to have been taken by the current when he was swimming, off the coast of Costa Rica, according to others. New York Post, which cites local media.

The huge Bitcoin holdings left by the Roman are believed to be one of the largest in the world that an individual owns.

Now it is not clear what happens to the giant values.

– Eddy 30000 Bitcoin

One bitcoin is currently worth just over $34,000. The digital currency, as it is known, has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

Popescu is described as a crypto pioneer who placed tens of thousands of bitcoins upon his death. Some claim It is said that as many as 30,000 cryptocurrencies have been used.

If the estimates are correct, his bitcoin could be worth a staggering $2 billion, about $17 billion, around the peak in April.

However, the price has decreased somewhat since then. If Popescu has 30,000 cryptocurrencies, today they are worth 8.8 billion kroner.


The billionaire is said to have held the papers close to his chest. Some wonder if he’s been sitting on more.

Popescu is said to have made a name for himself in crypto environments for his blogging about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on various platforms. However, he was a controversial figure, with many of his plots said to be racist and sexist, according to Australia.

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Wealth is at stake

What happens to Popescu’s gigantic fortune is now an open question.

“Access to Mercia Popescu’s purported billions of bitcoins will only be available through his password, whether he stores them digitally or in a cold wallet as a physical bitcoin wallet,” said Steve Ehrlich, head of cryptocurrency at Voyager, Steve Ehrlich. Market Watch.

– He adds that it is unclear whether anyone other than Popescu has access to these wallets.

– Make others more valuable

Although Popescu survivors may be tearing their hair by now, some believe the lost bitcoins may be good news for others who own bitcoins.

Loss could make existing bitcoins more valuable, because the total number of bitcoins will never exceed 21 million, he writes Market Watch.

to me financial times Investor Anthony Pompliano wrote this in a tweet he later deleted:

We may never know how many people are missing, or if they really are, but let me remind you of what Satoshi (Bitcoin founder) once said: “Lost coins make others a little more valuable. See it as a donation to the rest.”