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CTT takes down Correos in Spain after Shein and Temu

CTT takes down Correos in Spain after Shein and Temu

Asian e-commerce giants prefer CTT to deliver orders in Spain, a country where this type of commerce is growing. “CTT Express is ready to expand its operations in Spain,” warns the press in the neighboring country.

CTT is winning the online commerce battle in Spain and has already given up on Correos when it comes to distributing online commerce orders, especially from the two Asian giants: Shein and Temu.

“The Portuguese company that runs the postal service in the neighboring country wants to compete in Spain with Correos and is growing thanks to Shein and Temu. The group, which was privatized after Portugal's financial bailout in 2013, has invested in online commerce, the Economista wrote on Friday.

According to El Economista, CTT Express is ready to expand its operations in Spain, a country where it has accumulated several years of growth in freight volumes. In recent months, CTT Express has integrated about 13,000 distribution points into its network throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including 10,000 in Spain, a country where online orders are growing the most.

This network also includes more than 60 distribution centers in both countries, 17 of which are large logistics centers that constitute critical points in its network. In 2022, CTT Express opened hubs in Jaén, Seville, Malaga, Murcia, Logroño, Madrid and Zaragoza.

Sources from Asian giant Temu told El Economista that the brand has recently expanded its logistics network in Europe, strengthening its relationships with several logistics operators, including CTT, and explained that the company acts as an intermediary in Portugal and Spain. Shein highlights that CTT is already a well-known partner in this region, and that the Portuguese company is meeting the expectations of online commerce operators: reducing costs, accelerating deliveries so that they reach consumers in a more convenient way.

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