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Cuomo scandal: - American expert on Chris Cuomo:

Cuomo scandal: – American expert on Chris Cuomo:

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday presented the results of a comprehensive investigation by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-D).

Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s brother and host of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, did not mention the Tuesday report. It has been criticized for it.

Among those criticizing Chris Cuomo and CNN is attorney, journalist and commentator Glenn Greenwald. Post a job on Twitter He writes, among other things: “If CNN had only said from the start: ‘Chris Cuomo can’t objectively report cases to his brother, so he would refrain from it and someone else would. That would be fine.'” The letter is reproduced in full below:

The investigation concluded that Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed current and former New York employees. However, submitting the report also put the brother in the spotlight once again.

Brother in the spotlight

The attorney general’s office – which works independently of the governor – has been investigating the case since March, after several former and current employees accused Andrew Cuomo of harassment. The results of the investigation are described in a 168-page report.

The governor has all along denied the allegations that have been made.

The report highlights new details about Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s dealings and the response to the scandal. Washington Post In May, she revealed Chris’ role in the case.

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to me NBC News Chris is said to have been in the governor’s inner circle when they discussed strategy in connection with the charges, in late February.

“I don’t like that thing, but Chris/Andrew wanted to get in” and “Chris will make sure we have enough adversity here,” political advisor Liz Smith wrote in a series of letters to other Cuomo allies in February.

Among other things, Chris Cuomo received a series of emails from Governor Cuomo’s director of communications and chief of staff about how to handle allegations of sexual harassment from Charlotte Bennett, Andrew Cuomo’s former assistant.

The Storm: There was a storm around Governor Andrew Cuomo after he was known to have sexually harassed former and current employees.  Photo: AP/NTB
storm: She broke into Governor Andrew Cuomo after he was known to have sexually harassed former and current employees. Photo: AP/NTB
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He also participated in writing a statement received by his brother, following the accusations that came earlier this year.

I think he will get caught

American expert Jan Arild Snowen thinks Chris’ acting as an advisor to his brother is problematic.

– Perhaps it is this advisory job that will trap him. The issue of harassment is now highly toxic and under great pressure. Andrew will probably retire from his post, and then I think his brother is next in line. I think CNN will put him in a less visible role, or terminate the employment contract, he says and adds:

– I think Chris should stay away from statements about his brother, whether positive or negative reviews. As a journalist, you should keep this at a distance. Both on television, but also in editorial work. Chris is a prominent face on CNN and should stay out of political interference.

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critical to handling

transformation Buzzfeed News Several CNN employees are critical of the channel’s decision not to reprimand Chris Cuomo for his involvement.

An anonymous CNN employee spoke to the news company, saying, “I believe that as journalists, it is our responsibility to act in the most responsible manner possible. Not only to preserve the integrity of journalism, but also to restore public trust in journalism and television news.”

The source also says that “the fact that Chris Cuomo was not fired for inappropriate conflicts of interest actively influencing a news story is not only irresponsible by CNN, but also a disgrace to the press.”

New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo cries over allegations of sexual harassment. Video: AP
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chris Cuomo has interviewed his brother several times about Andrew’s handling of the coronavirus. In an interview, Chris said to his brother: “I love you as my brother. Obviously I will never be objective. But I think you are the best politician in this country.”

Completely incomprehensible

Jan Arild Snoen believes it is completely incomprehensible that CNN allowed Chris Cuomo to cover and interview his brother, and notes that he is primarily considering covering the Corona pandemic.

– I think it’s very reprehensible that Chris was directly involved in covering covid-19. On the other hand, he did not speak on Tuesday after submitting the report, I think he is fine. It’s a job that should be left to other CNN employees, Snoen tells Dagbladet.

But in May, Chris came out and complained that he had consulted with his brother regarding the accusations. “Being a journalist and brother to a politician is a challenge, and I have a unique responsibility to balance these roles,” he said.

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Neither Chris Cuomo nor CNN has commented since the report was released on Tuesday.