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Curitiba suspends COVID-19 vaccination on holiday Tiradentes

Curitiba suspends COVID-19 vaccination on holiday Tiradentes

This Wednesday (4/21), holiday in Tiradentes, there will be no vaccination in Curitiba. Service resumes on Thursday (4/22) with changing service hours for fixed vaccination points which will be from 8 AM until 5 PM (instead of 6 PM).

The change will be made due to the decrease of the registered demand by the Municipal Health Administration in this period, and mainly to avoid missed doses. If a bottle with ten doses of the vaccine has been opened, it should be applied within a maximum of eight hours, as recommended by the manufacturers.

By next Friday (4/23), about 12,000 elderly people from Curitiba should receive the second dose of the Coronavac vaccine to complete the COVID-19 vaccination schedule. This week, people between the ages of 74 and 71 are vaccinated.


To alert residents about the date for the second dose of the vaccine, which appears on the vaccination card, City Hall publishes an age schedule (below) each week. The application date for the second dose is calculated based on the day the person was called to receive the first dose, taking into account an interval of 25-28 days.

“The card date and schedule are two ways to alert those who have already taken the first dose so that they don’t miss the deadline,” explains Deborah Carlett, coordinator of the vaccination center at the Ministry of Health in Curitiba. If the two dates are different at the end, it is recommended that you follow the date of the card.

Schedule a second dose for the elderly

72 years old, January 1st & December 31st: Thursday April 22nd
71 years old, January 1 and December 31: Friday April 23rd

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Vaccination points for the elderly

Static sites
From 8 AM to 5 PM

1 – The Healing Pavilion
Park Barrigue

2 – The United States of Salvador Allende
Rua Celeste Tortato Gabardo, 1.712 – Sítio Cercado

3 – American Barrygot de Souza
Rua João Eloy de Souza – 11 – Sítio Cercado

4 – American Villa Diana
Rene Descartes, 537 – Albrech

5 – American Fernando de Noronha
Rua João Mequetti – 389 – Santa Candida

6 – United States Jardim Paranaense
Rua Pedro Nabosny – 57 – Alto Pocoyrau

7 – Visiting the United States
Dr Bly Zornig Street, 3136 – Boquerau

8 – United States Camargo
Rua Pedro Violani – 364 – Kaguro

9 – American opera
Cap Leonidas Marques Street, 1392 – Uberaba

10 – Clube da Gente CIC
Hilda Cadila de Oliveira Street

11- US Ombudsman Pardinho
Rua 24 de Maio, 807 – Praça Ouvidor Pardinho

12- The United States, Villa Velez
Rua Pedro Juso, 866 – New Scientist

13- American Aurora
Theophilo Mansour Street 500 – The New World

14- The reference center for sports and physical activity
Rua Augusto di Mare, 2150 – Guerra

15 – United States Pinheiros
Rua Joanna Emma Dalpozo Zardo – 370 – Santa Felicidad

16 – Rua da Cidadania do Tatuquara
Rua Olivardo Konoroski Bueno, s / n

17 – Rua da Cidadania do Fazandinha
Rua Carlos Klimtz, 1700

18- Santo Antonio Parish
The entrance is via Parana Street in Boa Vista.

From 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

1 – Pavelhao da Cora – Parque Barrique (Entrance only from BR-277)
2 – Parking at Nossa Senhora do Carmo Sanctuary – Boqueirão (Entrance is via Rua Frederico Maurer Parking Lot 2)

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