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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Timo's popularity

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Timo's popularity

Researchers from cybersecurity firm Check Point Software concluded that in the past three months alone, more than 800 new domains named “Temu” have been registered.

The popularity of the Chinese company Temu, which quickly entered the e-commerce platform (E-Commerce) All over the world, it is used by hackers for criminal purposes. In the past three months alone, more than 800 new online domains named “Temu” have been registered, according to Check Point Software.

Cybersecurity experts warned this week that the popularity of this shopping app/site has led to scams, including fake offer codes. In other words, since Temu is known to assign many promotional codes – the more referral codes, the more rewards (discounts and free items) the user receives – cybercriminals create fake codes to trick consumers into providing their credentials.

Harmony Email researchers will have counted “dozens” of these scams in the first half of February. According to Check Point, the formula used is Phishing: An email appears in the inbox with a warning that the recipient is “January Winner”, claiming to be from Temu Rewards – but the origin is “” – and with a blank image and a hyperlink (directing the person to the data collection page).

“As with many credential harvesting schemes, threat actors try to take advantage of brand names and the latest trends. In this case, the brand name is Timo. There are several classic signs that this email is not what it is.” Mentioned. “First, there is a lot of false urgency around naming a January winner,” computer security experts warn.

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“Secondly, the email comes from a generic website, not from Temu. Thirdly, the image does not load, it is empty. The link in this image does not go to the Temu page, but to the website Phishing“, checkpoint details, add.

Founded in 2022 by Chinese businessman Huang Zheng, Temu is a subsidiary of PDD Holdings, which owns other companies. Applications in E-Commerce, such as Pinduoduo. The brand is currently available in 48 countries and nearly half of downloads (over 40%) come from the United States.