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Imagem Cyberquad, uma ATV de criança da Tesla

Cyberquad: Tesla sells a new electric car that costs ‘only’ $1900

Tesla has already shown that it can sell what it understands under its brand. From electric cars to tequilapasser by whistles where power banksIt all goes to make money. The brand has now launched a different vehicle, the ATV.

It’s called the Cyberquad, it has a lithium-ion battery and features a Cybertruck. The car is for children, but it costs approximately 1,700 euros.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child who loves Tesla, then this quad bike might be just what you are looking for.

Tesla Selling started Cyberquad team. However, be warned, this is not the ATV that appeared at the 2019 Cybertruck show. No, the Cybersquad that you can buy now at the automaker's store is a much smaller version of the vehicle — and yes, it works.

The four-wheel drive ATV is powered by a lithium-ion battery and will run on electricity like its larger version. The car has about 25 km of autonomy, with a configurable top speed of 16 km/h. It's steel construction, has a padded seat, adjustable suspension system and LED light bars. In other words, it looks like a small stitched version of the so-called four-wheeler that featured atop electric pickups.

Cyberquad, Tesla's Children's ATV

Cyberquad 1700 Euro

This small Cyberquad team will be able to offer Christmas joys to the youngest parents who want to shell out $1900 (around €1,700). It's already on sale in the US and orders will start arriving in the next two to four weeks.

However, before you start seriously considering receiving it as a gift for your child this Christmas, be aware that Tesla says orders aren't guaranteed until this season. And more than that, if you want to be greeted here in Portugal, forget about it. The company states that this gift will only be distributed in 49 US states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

One day, who knows and based on what Musk said, a "real" version of the Cyberquad will be a product alongside Tesla cars. At the time of its presentation, the company's CEO had promised the car would be an option for anyone who buys a Cybertruck.

Cybertruck with Cyberquad, Tesla ATV

We first caught a glimpse of the Cyberquad (the current adult range) at a Cybertruck event, where it was mounted to the rear of the truck to show how the adaptive suspension allows it to be loaded with ease. Musk then confirmed that it will initially be available to purchase as an option for Cybertruck buyers.

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