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Czech Republic – England: English first finish, competition summary

Czech Republic – England. Thanks to a goal from Sterling, the English won without shining more than sex with a score of 0 for 1. The UK topped Group 20 of Euro 2021, ahead of Croatia. Find the summary of the match.

23:20 – Summary of the match: Minimum service to England

England had to win at Wembley against the Czech Republic in Group D to play their 16th round at Wembley, with France, Germany, Hungary or Portugal (second in Group F). It’s over, but it’s hard for the English to get excited after this new half-hearted performance of the Three Lions. However, it was an interesting first half for Gareth Southgate players, inspired by Graylish, Sterling and Saga. The Manchester City winger first found the post (2nd) before scoring with a title in a perfect serve from Greelish (1-0, 12th). Holes (28th) and Suzek (36th) have equal chances for sex, but no accuracy ahead of Pickford. In the second half, when they only needed a draw to finish first, Sex could not take the game on their own and never succeeded in worrying about the pickboard. After the second period, which was much more interesting than the first, the English gained a significant victory, which is significant in the first place. The Czechs took third place and can blame themselves.

23:10 – Find the summary of the meeting in the video

Before controlling the rest of the debate, England won against the Czech Republic with a goal from Raheem Sterling (1-0) from the 12th minute. Find a summary of the meeting in the video below.

23:04 – Harry Kane has not scored yet

The Harry Kane case will definitely generate a lot of talk throughout the channel over the next few days. Despite being quiet in these first three matches of the Euros and very sensible tonight and having a great chance in the first period, the Tottenham striker ended the match this time, unlike the match against Scotland, but without a win. Rahim Sterling scored again for the Three Lions. The Manchester City striker has scored just two English goals in this match so far.

22:57 – England finish first

With this 1-0 win over the Czech Republic, England finished first in Pool T with 7 points from 3 matches. After Croatia’s win over Scotland (3-1) the Czechs, by first kickoff, finished third in the pool. Therefore, England will face Wembley next Tuesday (6pm) in Group F (France) in the 16th round. Surprisingly, Croatia will face second place in Group E (Sweden, Slovakia, Spain or Poland) in the 16th round, next Monday in Copenhagen (6pm).

22:51 – The end of the match (0-1)!

The figures testify to England’s dominance: at the end of the match, possession of the ball is undoubtedly to its advantage (57% against 43% for the Czech Republic). The English, who aimed 4 shots against 2 shots on goal in the Czech Republic, also created very serious chances, so logically won this area (0-1).

22:48 – Three minutes extra time

Dias Korea allows three minutes extra time in the second half at Wembley between the Czech Republic and England.

22:44 – England denied a goal!

England are denied a second goal in this meeting! Henderson is logically offside after recovering from Bellingham in the box following a surge from Rashford.

22:41 – England: Sancho makes his debut

In this Jatan Sancho will take his first steps Euro 2021! Portuguese Dortmund winger Fukuoka Saga enters the final seven minutes of regulation time. On the Czech side, Vitra instead of Hots.

22:37 – England: The stones were changed

Gareth Southgate is the fourth alternative in the game. He seems to have been touched, and John Stones is replaced by Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings in the final minutes.

22:34 – Czech Republic: Shik leaves his place

Fifteen minutes after the end of the meeting, the Czech coach decides to leave his team’s star Patrick Shik. Tomas Beckhardt comes into operation.

22:32 – Corner for English

The English take the sixth corner in this crowd on the left. Shaw attacks him badly, in a nearby post, and pushes the Czech security risk back without trembling.

22:29 – The UK is in control

England no longer took any risk in this second half and the pace of the game had slowed down considerably since the restart. Even the Czechs don’t seem to want more than equals to snatch first place.

22:26 – England: Sterling and Grealish are replaced

Raheem Sterling and Jack Graylish will be replaced by Marcus Rashford and Jude Bellingham in the final 25 minutes for England. Graylish’s exit coach Southgate’s decision seems to have disappointed Wembley with the whistle.

22:23 – Czech Republic: Kral and Hlozek enter

The coach of the Czech Republic made two changes in a row after the hour-long signing.Art Kroll, a young man from Sarta Prox, and Adam Hlosek are coming into the play instead of Captain Tarida and Masobust.

22:19 – John receives a yellow card in battle

The first yellow card of this encounter is sent to John Boril for a vicious fraud on the saga. Bad news for the Checkers because he will be suspended for 16 rounds.

22:16 – Phillips escapes the cardboard box

After a failed pass, Calvin Phillips made a serious mistake in midfield against Czech captain Tarida, but escapes the yellow card. The Portuguese referee is gentle with the Leeds player.

22:13 – England retreat

Gareth Southgate’s players are starting to retreat more and more, but so far the apparent Patrick Schick’s team is not in danger. It seems to be the instruction of the English coach rather than the pressure of sex.

22:10 – The Czech Republic has no choice

Sex really didn’t have a choice in this second half and D had to be forced to equal first place in this group, which is now almost occupied by England.

22:07 – Corner for checkers

After Calvin Phillips’ mistake, Sex gets a corner early in the second half, but the England team is able to thank Pickford.

22:05 – One change in half time on each team

There was a change on each side during the break. Jordan Henderson converted Declan Rice to the English side at half-time. As for the Czech Republic, Jacob Jankto left his place to Peter Chevsky.

22:03 – Beginning of the 2nd period.

The 2nd half begins in London between the Czech Republic and England, where Arthur Manuel Ribeiro identifies the kick-off of Soros Dias. Score memory: 0-1.

21:53 – England is its subject masters

England manage the meeting well after the first 45 minutes against the Czech Republic. The Three Lions logically lead to a break (1-0) thanks to a goal signed by Raheem Sterling (12th) in an impeccable serve from Jack Graylish. The first holder of this Euro is the Aston Villa playmaker, who is no stranger to good English performance, as is Arsenal winger Bukayo Saga. Kane was very interesting in the game, but still did not score, beating Waglick (26th). Sex had chances to equalize with Holes (28th) and Suzek (36th), but no precision. If they want to get first place on the team, Patrick Schick’s team will have to do better in the last 45 minutes.

21:45 – Half time in London between the Czech Republic and England

The Czech Republic is not yet: after this first act, possession of the ball is in England’s favor (42% against the Czech Republic 58%), which also creates very serious chances with 4 shots against 1 shot at the Czech Republic’s goal, so it is logically leading the match.

9:43 PM – Kane tries his luck!

Harry Kane unleashes a powerful strike on the box, forcing him to turn the walkie-talkie to another stop. Sterling is hanging in the corner, but is unaware that he is in an offside position. Too bad for English.

21:42 – Corner for England

At the end of the first period the English gain a new corner, but the Czech people avoid danger without any trouble.

21:37 – Shaw Waglick forces to work

Luke Shaw swells to the left and gets an extra hand on the coupe before crossing hard. Kufal did not come back and deflect the ball, but this forced Waklick to deflect the disaster in his nearest post.

9:35 pm – Suzek does not match!

What an opportunity for checkers! With a ball destroyed by the full axis of the shank, Jankto may be eligible for a free kick after a mistake, Suzek attacks on first aim, but misses a few centimeters goal even though the pickboard does not move …

21:32 – Corner for England

The British get a new corner after the attack by Saga on the right. The big English riders go up, but it pays nothing.

21:29 – English is a little feverish

Like this corner screwed up by the Southgate players, we can feel that the English defense is not 100% quiet.

9:28 PM – Super Pigport Stop!

Checkers are advancing to English! Over 20 meters, Holes unleashes a powerful strike halfway through, but Pickford rests well enough to deflect a corner!

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