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Da Luz Hospital withdraws its business from agreement with ADSE and creates special price list - News

Da Luz Hospital withdraws its business from agreement with ADSE and creates special price list – News

The private health group said in a statement issued today that the Da Luz Hospital Network will maintain “agreements in general” with ADSE, explaining that after its evaluation, it has concluded that in the case of some clinical services/procedures, the new price list “determined by ADSE is invaluable.” Adequately” the costs inherent to the “clinical criteria,” nor the work of professionals.

“This fact left Grupo Luz Saúde with no alternative but to exclude these clinical services / procedures in the units of the Hospital da Luz network from the scope of the agreement,” the statement read.

The new ADSE price list is due to go into effect on Wednesday, September 1, and also applies to other public health subsystems, the IASFA, SAD-PSP and SAD-GNR – Armed Forces and Safety.

Grupo Luz Saúde adds that it has reorganized its offer of care in order to ensure that responsiveness is maintained for the beneficiaries of these health subsystems, at least in part of the Hospital da Luz unit network.

Thus, “in order to reduce the financial impact of the new schedule, clients of the Da Luz Hospital Network Units who are recipients of ADSE, IASFA, SAD-PSP and SAD-GNR will have access to a special pricing schedule for non-consensual clinical services/works”, whose pricing is in line with Those that practice with insurance companies.

According to this special price list, the statement says, that a consultation with a specialist doctor who does not have an agreement with the sub-systems of workers and pensioners in the public administration will cost beneficiaries between 35 and 40 euros, “the beneficiary may then request a refund.”

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The new ADSE tables update the price of consultations in the agreed network, changing the beneficiary’s fee to five euros (currently 3.99 euros), while increasing the amount ADSE reimburses from 14.47 euros to 20 euros.

In addition to this price update – intended to strengthen the agreed network by avoiding recourse to the free system – the revision of the schedules includes new medical work and other obsolete repressions and imposes ceilings on thousands of surgeries, hospitals, medicines and prosthetics.