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Dacia's secret to "correct pricing" for customers

Dacia’s secret to “correct pricing” for customers

IIt can be said that Dacia is the manufacturer with the most affordable cars on the market. The question arises: how does the Romanian brand get such cheaper prices compared to the rest of the competition?

The answer was provided by David Durand, head of design at Dacia, at a conference with the automotive press.

According to the French official, Dacia cars should be practical, ecological and “affordable”, which can only be achieved by avoiding all unnecessary features in everyday life.

David Durand gave an example and talked about electrical regulation banks. How often will the customer use this increase? Maybe once, at the first fit, and then very rarely. It is an additional feature that turns out to be of little use during the life of the car.

By eliminating this production cost, Dacia is able to use this value for more useful equipment for everyday life, such as adjustable roof rails.

According to Durand, Dacia vehicles can be compared to Swiss army knives, due to their versatility: compact, economical and ready for anything.

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