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“Dad, we are all so proud of you.”  On the night of the music stars, William took the stage to honor Charles III (and he didn’t forget his grandmother)

“Dad, we are all so proud of you.” On the night of the music stars, William took the stage to honor Charles III (and he didn’t forget his grandmother)

Poster authored by top artists, The Prince of Wales ended up winning over the audience with an emotional speech about his father, a man who waited 70 years to take the throne, but for more than 50 years “dedicated himself to the service of others.”

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Take That, and Andrea Bocelli were the headliners of the night when Windsor Castle Gardens became the stage for the coronation ceremony, but it was Prince William who ended up acting in the moment of the night, as he took the stage to honor his father.

The Prince of Wales took the floor after singing Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” and began his speech with a promise: “Don’t worry, unlike Lionel, I’m not going all night.” In the audience, both the King and Princess of Wales couldn’t resist an explosion of laughter.

“As my grandmother said at her coronation, a coronation is a statement of our hopes for the future. I know she is there looking fondly at us. She will be a very proud mother.”

Not forgetting the now long seventy years of waiting for the King, William also mentioned that the first words of Charles III when he entered Westminster Abbey were an obligation to serve.

Prince William (Associated Press)

“Because for more than 50 years, in every corner of the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth and around the world, it has been dedicated to the service of others, both present and future generations, and those whose memory should not be overlooked, we are all proud of you,” he said, proudly. Clear, also praising the Prince Trust, founded by King Charles III, which has helped millions of people of “all faiths, all backgrounds and all communities that deserve to be celebrated and supported”.

True to his promise—”not to go on all night”—William saluted the King, the country, and the Commonwealth: “God save the King.” The motto was given to hear the national anthem.

Starry night and drones

If Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Take That, and Andrea Bocelli were the headliners at the party, the names didn’t end there. During the two-hour concert, other performers took to the stage who would end up to everyone’s delight – including George and Charlotte, the youngest members of the royal family (Louis stayed home), as there was Disney music and Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog appeared on stage. .

But let’s start at the beginning of the two-hour party, which began with DJ Pete Tong on stage while the audience was still getting used to it and trying to make sense of who was on the royal stage.

It was time to thrill audiences, and for that, Downton Abbey actor Hugh Bonneville took to the stage, who couldn’t resist bringing a little bit of humor to the stage.

He says, “We are honored and delighted to join our newly crowned King Charles III. He is a painter and artist himself – the artist known formally as Prince”. The king, seated next to Camilla, is irresistible and laughs, accompanied by the audience, who applauds the joke before the on-stage Ulu Morse, to the delight of Princess Charlotte, who applauds the singer.

The show follows the tempo specified in the script – or was the punctuality not so British – with moments of genuine folk, but also classic moments, as even a Portuguese gentleman took the stage. Marcelino Sampi, a dancer from the Royal Ballet, accompanied by Francesca Hayward, accompanied a moment performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera Choir.

Marcelino Sampi, dancer with the Royal Ballet, accompanied by Francesca Hayward (Associated Press)

And after the classic, ultra-modern: drones. As in the case of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, drones were once again the highlight of the coronation ceremony. With butterflies, bees, lions and even whales appearing in the sky, the audience could not hide their amazement at the light show in the skies of Windsor.

The coronation ceremony marks the end of the second day of festivities after the country was united in a large festive luncheon attended by a number of members of the royal family. This Monday, a public holiday in the United Kingdom, the country is invited to take part in several acts of solidarity.

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