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Dadish's adventures are back in a new chapter full of action and challenges - Android

Dadish’s adventures are back in a new chapter full of action and challenges – Android

released in 2020, My Father is a “retro” platform game that follows the adventures of a radish father trying to save his children. The sequel to the title created by the independent developer Thomas K. Young Arrived in 2021 and this week, The series has gained a new chapter with 50 new action-packed levels to experience.

As in previous chapters, in Dadesh 3 You will have to help the protagonist to save his children. This time around, the baby radish on a study visit ended up being, to say the least, suspicious and it’s up to you to prevent it turning into soup.

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During the different levels of the game, you will have the opportunity to guide the father of the radish through A variety of challenging scenariosFrom sewers to deserts, With many fast food-inspired enemies to starve and five bosses to defeat.

by the way You will also find some unexpected allieslike a dolphin and the ex-wife of his hero, who is nothing more than a tomato, as well as many secrets to discover and stars to collect.

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Dadish 3 is available for Android from from Play Storeand iOS through From the App Store. Although it can be downloaded and played for free, this title has additional paid items, with prices starting at 3.69 euros. In addition to the mobile versions, Dadish 3 is also available for PC, on Steamto me Nintendo Switch; Play Station; And the X-Box.