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Dagbladet’s Prime Minister of Finland: – An aggressive neighbor

Dagbladet’s Prime Minister of Finland: – An aggressive neighbor

Helsinki (Dagbladet): – I am very pleased with the role Jens played in this process.

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, smiles and looks at NATO’s Secretary General. I told Dagbladet that it was necessary for Finland to become a member of NATO.

– Why is it so urgent, Marin?

– In Finland, we know perfectly well that the NATO border is the only land border that the Russians will not cross. We have an aggressive neighbor. That is why we are keen to become part of NATO as soon as possible, Marin tells Dagbladet.

New message to the protesters

– We want to strengthen NATO

The prime minister continues, while Stoltenberg shakes a welcome nod in the background.

Marin praised the cooperation with the Swedish authorities, although there was a possibility that Finland would join NATO before the Swedes.

When asked by Dagbladet, Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin answered why it was important that NATO’s request be processed quickly. Video: NATO.
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Turkey has so far been in a weak spot when it comes to Swedish membership.

Finland is ready to join NATO now, and we have a lot to contribute. I think it is important for NATO to get Finland into membership as soon as possible. It will strengthen the coalition strike force. The same applies to Sweden. I think both Finland and Sweden have an incredible amount to contribute, says Marin.

She loses

She loses

Sky high defensive will

I used the word “burden” to describe the situation NATO is now in, with two countries that are eager to join but are abroad at the moment.

It is also in NATO’s interest that Finland and Sweden be members. It says we will strengthen the NATO strike force in the north.

She explains to Dagbladet that enthusiasm for defending his homeland is high in Finland. Thus, the Finns, according to their prime minister, are a patriotic people, and their will to fight, Marin believes, will strengthen NATO.

The Finnish people have a strong will to defend their country. It is at the top of the world in many polls. Finland knows very well that we have an aggressive neighbor, and we are ready to defend our country. Having such a member country, Marin says, is an strength for NATO.

- illegal

– illegal

Jens: – The solution is coming soon

The Prime Minister of Finland also said that she believes that Ukraine will become a member of NATO and the European Union in a few years.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed his hope that Finland and Sweden will become NATO members within a short period.

– I think we can find a solution already next week, says the former Norwegian Prime Minister.

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