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Daily popularity

As a detailed title for the popular guide today, the state is making a major change to the system of controlled divergence. With a consistent idea of ​​resuming lessons face-to-face in Rio Grande do Sul and the sequence of judicial veto, the government chose the alternative method: changing the rule of the black flag so that the entire region could be classified as a red flag. Even if, by the original rules, that would not have been possible due to the severity of the epidemic.

Although it became a model for other states and it was important to establish uniform standards for the entire country, the flag system was never clear. Let businessmen constantly ask themselves whether or not they can open their stores. Or the workers who wondered, on Sundays, whether Monday would be face-to-face, with fewer staff or a home office. In short: Even with the relative success in the first months, since the beginning of the flag system, the government has not accomplished the task of communicating in a clear and accessible way to the population.

However, nothing made the description of the model greater than flexibility and changes driven by political and sectoral pressures. Based on objective indicators such as provision of bed, infection, and hospitalization, Governor Eduardo Light asserted that the controlled distance would, in the end, be the embodiment of respect for science. The result of expert analysis in combination and technique. But it was enough for the epidemic to worsen for the government to give in to the pressure of mayors and businessmen.

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However, yesterday appears to be the beginning of the regime’s end. Without success in the goal of the last few weeks – to reopen schools for face-to-face education – due to the black flag indicating the serious moment still alive, Light changed the rule. Even, according to epidemiologist Pedro Hallal, without prior knowledge of the state scientific committee. As a result, a “security lockdown” that only allows less stringency in the face of more free intensive care beds – as a result of the improvement in the epidemic – has become a problem and no longer exists. All this with the aim of the government to resume studies.

Essential to make it clear to the reader: returning face-to-face education is necessary for society and must be defended. Especially since thousands of students need strong links with schools. Their development depends on it. However, the resumption of classes should be a result of competent handling of the Coronavirus. As the experts have been claiming from the start: first we reduce the risks, then classes start – basically – again. But that was not what happened. And now, after a lot of science support in their speeches, it looks like RS has definitely left him in the way.