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Damn it on TV.  Lyubomir becomes a carpenter and locksmith and only hangs out with his friends – celebrities

Damn it on TV. Lyubomir becomes a carpenter and locksmith and only hangs out with his friends – celebrities

After taping the “Hell’s Kitchen” competition with SIC Celebrities for TV, the 45-year-old Yugoslav “chef” Ljubomir Stanisek, Now all he can think about is DIY and partying with friends on his ranch in Santa Margarida da Serra, on the outskirts of Grândola, in the Alentejo.

In one of the last photos he posted on the social network Instagram, Leobo shows some cork lamps that he made by hand to light the hill where he took refuge with his family in Alentejo. “Homemade lamps. Orders not accepted,” he wrote. Chef Luis Barradas replied: “Now you can retire, future guaranteed.”

But the Yugoslavian doesn’t just stop at the materials the earth gives nature to do his manual labor and spends his days clinging to the machine. He commented on the video, “I find no excuse to use a chainsaw.” Where you can see Leobo making, with some logs and some equipment, a rack for the house on the hill.

In addition to small metal or carpentry work, the TV “chef” also creates large areas on his plot with his own hands. The word sustainability fits many others. Recycle, reuse, work, respect nature and memories, material and social responsibility. This applies in the kitchen – but also outside it. clues? The greenhouse we just built from “leftovers”. And there was no need to make broths or stews,” he says, explaining in the video where Lyubu is committed to building a new shelter.

With plenty of time for friends

But the chef who gained fame on television doesn’t just live by business. There is a place for meetings with friends. Advertising meetings. Like the one he had with the restaurant and hotel business Vasco Gallego[formerownerofRestaurantXLinLisboa)“Therearefewplaces(andmostimportantlyfewpeople)likethisThankyouKvascoforhavingusinyourhouselikeathomeGreatmealexcellentwinebestcompanyAndsayingthisspaceisprivateissayingtheTVchefshowingpicturesofhimselfcookingathisfriend’shotel[antigodonodorestauranteXLemLisboa)”Hápoucoslugares(esobretudopoucaspessoas)assim…ObrigadoVascopornosreceberesemtuacasacomoemcasaGranderefeiçãoexcelentesvinhosmelhorcompanhiaDizerqueesteespaçoéespecialédizermesmopouco”escreveochefdaTVmostrandofotografiasacozinharnohoteldoamigo[المالكالسابقلمطعمXLفيلشبونة)”هناكعددقليلمنالأماكن(والأهممنذلك،قلةمنالناس)مثلهذاشكرًالكفاسكولاستضافتنافيمنزلككمافيالمنزلوجبةرائعة،ونبيذممتاز،وصحبةأفضلوالقولإنهذهالمساحةخاصةهوأنيقولالطاهيالتلفزيونيوهويعرضصوراًلهوهويطبخفيفندقصديقه[antigodonodorestauranteXLemLisboa)”Hápoucoslugares(esobretudopoucaspessoas)assim…ObrigadoVascopornosreceberesemtuacasacomoemcasaGranderefeiçãoexcelentesvinhosmelhorcompanhiaDizerqueesteespaçoéespecialédizermesmopouco”escreveochefdaTVmostrandofotografiasacozinharnohoteldoamigo

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In addition, he visits friends’ farms and visits former competitors of Hell’s Kitchen, which he sponsored.