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Dandy Ace hits consoles in September with free bonus content

Dandy Ace hits consoles in September with free bonus content

Mad Mimic announced this Tuesday (21) that Dandy Ice, a Brazilian roguelike that combines action, quick reactions and a lot of magic, will be released Xbox One NS Nintendo Switch With completely free commemorative DLC on September 28th. copy for Playstation 4 It is also in the plans and will be announced soon along with the game’s soundtrack.

Console version of Dandy IceOriginally released for PC in March of this year, it brings new abilities and accessories to the adventure of wizard Ace as he tries to escape from the Magical Mirror. To celebrate the news, the title will also have a special discount on Steam, as well as free bonus content for those who already own the game.

Console versions come complete with all the elements that distinguish the PC version, including Brazilian Portuguese dubbing. The Game Voices cast brings together influential cast members Eduardo “BRKsEdu” Benvenuti, Joao Paulo “Patife” Pereira, Luis “Ljoga” Gouveia, Gabriela “Gabi” Catuzzo, Maethe “Maethe” Lima, among others.

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Founded by developers Luis Fernando Tashiro and Luis Gustavo Sampaio, Mad Mimic is located in São Paulo and has emerged on the indie gaming scene with the release of There are no heroes here. With more than 10 nominations and awards in the Brazilian and international market, There are no heroes here Mad Mimic opened the doors to return to the scene with its second game, Monica and the bunny keeper.

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Winner of the Best Art Direction Award at EVA 2018, in Argentina, Monica and the bunny keepers are based on one of the largest intellectual property in Brazil. The game was a hit with the announcement that Monica’s Gang characters are back in games after 24 years.

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