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Dani Alves could be released from prison this week

Dani Alves could be released from prison this week

The defense lawyer has requested the temporary release of the former Barcelona player, who was convicted of sexual assault

On Tuesday, the Barcelona Regional Court will host a hearing to assess the freedom of Dani Alves, who was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexual assault.

Both the Brazilian and the Public Ministry appealed the ruling for different reasons: the Public Ministry requested a longer sentence (9 years) and the defense requested acquittal. While the appeal is being evaluated, Dani Alves's lawyer wants the footballer to be free.

The Public Ministry wants more years in prison for Dani Alves

Prosecutors will appeal against the four-and-a-half-year prison sentence, contesting the fact that compensation to the victim of 150,000 euros is considered lenient.

On a Spanish television programme, journalist Carlos Quilez explained that it is possible that the former footballer will be released from prison this week, depending on what happens on March 19: “The defense’s appeal includes a question: Yes, we have filed an appeal, but in the meantime… My client should be temporarily released until the appeal is resolved. At this hearing, it will be known whether the Barcelona Regional Court realizes that Mr. Alves, waiting for what the Supreme Court says about his appeal, should be in prison or not. “It's 50-50.”

“It will not be impossible, because the ruling tells us that a large part of what the victim said at the investigation stage is not believed by the court. “They don't really believe in horror atmospheres,” the Spaniard added.