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Dânia Neto's yacht caught in a storm: "I finished the evening trying out life jackets"

Dânia Neto’s yacht caught in a storm: “I finished the evening trying out life jackets”

Dania Netto Still enjoying a few weeks of vacation in Ibiza. Along with family and friends, the SIC actress showed off some of the best moments of rest, and the breathtaking landscapes you find on the high seas.

However, on Saturday, August 27, I ended up physically reporting a moment.”high tension“Live last night, when the group turned out to be caught in a stormforcing them to leave the place they were previously, and Adoption of safety measures, which included the use of life jackets.

The storm arrived and we had to quickly leave for the sea. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get on board easily.“,” referring to the actress, in the first video she posted on Stories From your official Instagram account.

It was a real extreme adventure. Among other things, a wave bath. I couldn’t make videos but she was brave. Another story to tell. I finished the rest of the evening trying on the life jackets we had on the boat.. Now imagine what the entrance and access to the safe harbor was like‘, the actress stated.

Finally, and still in Ibiza, Dânia Neto revealed that there is a forecast for the possibility of new storms on Saturday: “We are waiting for the second storm. Yesterday we had strong feelings here. And she’s coming‘, he finished.

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