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Daniel Oliveira replaces “Vale Tudo” with “Sangue Oculto”

Daniel Oliveira replaces “Vale Tudo” with “Sangue Oculto”

On a special weekend, prompted by the Easter season, SIC will make weekend changes. Thus, contrary to expectations, João Manzarra’s program will not be scheduled on Saturday nights. Instead, the bet is on the successful plot with Sarah Matos as the protagonist. Thus, Daniel Oliveira replaces “Vale Tudo” with “Sangue Oculto”.

This Saturday, April 8th, right after “Jornal da Noite”, another episode of the hit telenovela will be broadcast. But this was not initially expected. It’s just that with “Os Traidores” premiering on Sunday, “Vale Tudo” will move to Saturday nights. But that won’t happen this week. Instead, a very special chapter of “Mysterious Blood” is shown. It promises many surprises, such as the attack on the hospital, which kills one of the protagonists of the story. After this episode, Marinha Grande’s “Terra Nossa” will be broadcast.

With these changes Daniel Oliveira replaces “Vale Tudo” with “Sangue Oculto”. But that decision should only be made this week. Next Saturday, April 15th, Joao Manzara should return to SIC nights. Interestingly, in the Easter week off, the presenter had familiar faces on the afternoon program on a daily basis. Despite the fact that the audience is still low, the channel “Vale Tudo” with anonymous audiences should still be a bet on Paço de Arcos.

Daniela Roa arrives on Sunday

The big news this Easter Sunday is the premiere of “Os Traidores.” the new reality show SIC’s Daniela Roah appears as a presenter and promises to surprise viewers. This is an unprecedented format in Portugal, full of surprises and no one can trust anyone.

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