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Daniel Ramos: “The schedule is misleading regarding the performances we presented.”

Daniel Ramos: “The schedule is misleading regarding the performances we presented.”

The Arauca coach engineered the match with Famalicao that opened the sixth round

On the weekend of the municipal harvest fair Aruka travels to Familial Driven by the ambition to also collect points there after the home defeat to Casa Pia At a time when the team played four matches without winning Operate. Something that Daniel Ramos omitted from the drama in the preview for the duel with Minho’s team, which opens the sixth round on Friday.

“This does not contradict our thinking, which includes trying to continue our path and add victories and points. Within this logic, we have to worry about the next opponent, which is… Familial. We have to take advantage of this match to get points again. With the idea of ​​victory, the team has to present itself on the pitch, and also understand what it did right and wrong in the recent unwinnable matches. He said: “From this starting point, we prepared for this match with Famalicao.”

With six points in the league out of a possible fifteen, the Arouca coach realizes that the team’s position could have been better, had it not been for the goals conceded in the last moments against Porto and Casa Pia: “We are not bad, but now we can get three more points.” , because in terms of performance the team was identical. That’s why the schedule is misleading in terms of the performances we’ve had so far this season. In this last match [com o Casa Pia] We have lacked more creativity and attacking aggression, but we have to be very realistic about what we have done and what we need to improve because, if we look at the whole, the performances have been good overall.

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Confidence in the tournament is still high in Aruka, despite the strength of the host family on its home soil. “Joao Pedro Sousa is doing an excellent job. Famalicão is also very competitive. They have proven to be a team that does not give up, never conceding a goal from a running ball. They are a very strong team defensively, currently the best defense in the tournament, but they always have their eyes on the opponent’s goal and that ensures a good start. “We are counting on a difficult match against a competent and very well-directed team,” said Daniel Ramos, who heads to Famalicao “with a game plan to achieve a good result,” but to do so, he highlights that it will take a lot of time. “An efficient team, running strong and organized, strong in duels, aggressive in defense and bold in attack.”

He added: “The team is playing good football. It has been competitive and will continue to do so because it works for it and has good players who make an effort and want to give a good response in this match.”

Doubts over the return of full-backs Thiago Esgayo and Matheus Quaresma to contention point to concerns over the trip to Minho. The final test will determine whether the two dominant defensive units will play or not.