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Danish octopus restrains a hungry lion

Danish octopus restrains a hungry lion

Hey Sporting headed to Arauca on Sunday afternoon to achieve another victory in the tournament (3-0), without allowing another surprise in the north of the country. In the Round 25 match, the Lions achieved a strong result, but anyone who watched the match from the first minute to the last will know that it was not easy for Ruben Amorim's men.

Gyukiris opened the scoring in the 19th minute, scoring his 33rd goal with Sporting, but the other two goals did not appear until… in stoppage time.

And so Jenny Catamo and Morten Hjulmand left the goals until the end and confirmed the twentieth championship victory for the Lions who, it must be said, continue to lead the First League and continue to rely only on themselves to stay there.

Let's go to the heroes.

this number

Hgulmand He needed little time to win over the fans and Ruben Amorim, and yesterday he provided new proof that he is, at this moment, a regular in the Lions' midfield. The Danish midfielder always has a high turnover and seems to be everywhere, helping in defense and attack. He still had time to score, towards the end, the final goal of the afternoon in Arauca.


After five matches that witnessed constant conceding of goals, Sporting was able to close the Aruka net, and most of the responsibility must be attributed to Franco Israel. He made some important interventions, especially avoiding a goal that seemed certain from Sela in the 36th minute.

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Rafa Mujica It was synonymous with goals in Arouca, but yesterday it ended up being negated by Diomandi's careful marking. The Spanish striker tried to find his way to Sporting's goal, but was constantly colliding with the Ivorian defender. It's too late to forget.


Daniel Souza

The Aruka coach did not abandon the playing philosophy he applied, and the team played face to face against Sporting. But this boldness had no practical effect, and the team lost its offensive spark, especially after the 60th minute.

Robin Amorim

Amorim made new changes to the lineup, as part of the team's physical management, and saw Sporting provide a good response. The Lions entered the match strongly and at the right moment – read the last clip – they knew how to put an end to any doubts surrounding their victory.


Nuno Almeida He dealt with a busy afternoon in Arauca and the action was stopped in the 70th minute because it was… too controversial. Arouca was left to claim a penalty for Reis' foul on Thiago Esgayo, but Nuno Almeida ordered the kick to go ahead.

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