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Danish youth will get infected:-

Danish youth will get infected:-

to me channels There is an abundance of messages where young people are looking for people they can infect.

In Denmark, as in Norway, relief has been provided to people who have recently contracted COVID-19. In Denmark, the rule is that a positive corona test gives you immunity from 14 to 240 days after the test, so you are given a corona pass.

party noise: This is what it looked like in Nygårdsparken after several hundred people celebrated on the night of Sunday 2 May. Video: Tipser, Løvaas AS / Bymiljøetaten.

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This means, among other things, that you do not have to test yourself frequently, and you can go to both the fitness center and the coffee shop without referring to a recent negative test result.

– Coffee and a hug?

Danish TV 2 spoke with Julius Wendelbo, a student at Aalborg University College. He tells the channel that he has seen several examples of young people looking for sources of infection.

total breaks: The Russian side in Malselve was far from complying with infection control rules. Video: Special
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Some people ask, “Can’t I come get a cup of coffee and cuddle? Can’t you spit in my Red Bull vodka?” says Wendelbaugh.

He says that he himself thought about the idea of ​​getting infected, but he hasn’t gone ahead with it yet.

The second TV also saw messages in which young people asked for infection via SMS.


Aalborg’s health director, Jan Nielsen, confirmed at a press conference last week that he was familiar with the rumors about the demand for the infection.

– I’ve heard the rumors. I would encourage you not to try it. We are seeing some serious cases among young people, Nelden said Jyllands-Posten.

Mads Doydal in the Department of Health and Culture in the municipality is cursed.

– Frankly, I think it is untenable and inappropriate towards society. We’ve struggled so hard to keep infection numbers down, and if it’s true that someone can get infected on purpose, that’s completely incomprehensible to me, he says.

According to Jyllands-Posten, the infection pressure in Aalborg is high, with 272.9 infected per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the second highest infection pressure in Denmark.

The number of infected people led, among other things, to the closure of bars on the famous Jomfru anne Hadi party street in Aalborg by the Folketing’s Epidemiological Control Committee earlier this week.

Also in Norway

There have also been rumors in Norway that young people are looking for infection. During the wave of infection in the Greenlands region in May, there were rumors about it Corona infection is 100% sold out on Snapchat.

According to Danish TV 2, a similar phenomenon was seen in Sweden as well. Among other things, police in Östersund last year suspected that high school students in the city Deliberately hurting each other, to acquire immunity before starting higher education.

According to the police, the presentations of the infection occurred on the Jodel app, but were quickly terminated when the police had enough material to follow up on the case.

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