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Darren Liga: The first defeat of the developers volleyball players! Wonderful tie-break in Rzeszów

The Premier Party played for a long time with the advantage of the Legionovo team. After Anna Stencil’s service ticket (16:16) the home team made up for the loss and in the end they won the match in their favor. Ann Calantose won the set ball (24:22), and their opponents’ broken play gave them the final point (25:23).

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In the second installment we saw an equal fight between the two teams. After Jelena Blagozevich’s attack from the passing ball, the home team had a set ball (24:23); Moments later they were delighted with the winning set, but on check the Legionovia volleyball player attacked after the block. The struggle for good that the audience won. Callantose put the score at 25:27 in the attack.

Legionovia’s volleyball players took an advantage in the third set. In the middle of the set, the opponents jumped by four points (14:18), but Rzeszw’s players began to make up for the defeat. Eventually they reached their goal – the point block gave the score at 22:22. The rivals still responded in the next move, but Stencil’s attack and block and Blagozevic’s attack settled the set in favor of the home team (25:23).

The home team started the fourth game with a wrong start (0: 6, 1: 8). Although Rzeszów’s players reduced their losses from 14:21, Legionovia maintained a clear advantage throughout the set – just three points after the stencil service ace (19:22). However, Legionovia added three more points to his tally (19:25).

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At the tie-break we saw a tough fight point, and when turning the pages, after Dominika Vitovska’s attack from the center, the players of the Developress made minimal progress (8: 7). After that they jumped behind two eyes, but then the characters turned upside down. The audience won seven acts in a row, including. After the successful attacks of Olivia Rozhansky who won the ball of the match (9:14). However, this is not the end of emotions because the home team won four more actions and got a point connection! At the crucial moment, Rozhansky attacked the opponents and scored the missed point (13:15).

Developers – Legionovia Competition Summary:

Most points: Jelena Blagojević (25), Ann Kalandadze (12), Anna Stencel (12) – Developers; Olivia Rozhansky (31), Yabrak Erkek (18), Maja Dokorska (11), Giselle Silva Franco (10) – Legionovia. MVP: Olivia Różański (28/63 = 44% offensive efficiency + 3 blocks).

Developer Bella Tolina Ressov suffered her first defeat of the season after a string of eight wins. IŁ Capital Legionovia Legionowo’s volleyball players won their sixth match in the ninth game.

Developer Bella Tolina Ressov – I Capital Legionovia Legionovo 2: 3 (25:23, 25:27, 25:23, 19:25, 13:15)

Developers: Julia Bińczycka, Ann Kalandadze, Magdalena Jurczyk, Bruna Honorio Marques, Jelena Blagojević, Anna Stencel – Aleksandra Szczygłowska (libero) and Katarzyna Wenerska, Izabella Rapacz, Dokaminika Wijets. Coach: Stephen Antica.
Legionovia: Alexandra Gryka, Alicja Grabka, Olivia Różański, Maja Tokarska, Gyselle Silva Franco, Yaprak Erkek – Izabela Lemańczyk (libero) and Magdalena Damaske, Daria Szczyrba, Diana Dąbrowska, Magdalena, Magdale Coach: Alessandro Chiapini.

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Results of the 9th round of the Darren Liga:

2021-11-18: Enerka MKS Kallis – Gruba Azotti Chemical Police 1: 3 (22:25, 17:25, 25:19, 17:25)
2021-11-19: Developer Bella Tolina Ressov – I Capital Legionovia Legionovo 2: 3 (25:23, 25:27, 25:23, 19:25, 13:15)
2021-11-19: E. Leclerc Moya Radomka Radom – BKS Bostik Bielsko-Biała
2021-11-20: # VolleyWrocław – Joker Swiss (Saturday, 7pm; Broadcast – Bolshoi Box Co)
2021-11-21: SKS Commercecon Łódź – Grot Budowlani dź (Sunday, 8.30pm; Broadcast – Bolshoi Game)
2021-11-22: Polskie Przetwory Pałac Bydgoszcz – UNI Opol (Monday, 17.30; Broadcast – Bolsat Game).

Match results and the Torren Liga table

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