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Data protection warns of risks in iris collection

Data protection warns of risks in iris collection

The CNPD confirmed, in a statement, that it had received, in recent days, “numerous complaints from citizens about the specific conditions under which biometric data are collected by the Worldcoin project,” which highlights “the great concern regarding the collection of data from minors.” Without the permission of the parents, in addition to fear of the way in which this biometric data may be used.”

“The CNPD is conducting an ongoing investigation into the processing of personal data by the Worldcoin project in Portugal, which is in the decision-making stage,” the statement read.

The company, founded by Sam Altman of Open AI, owner of Chat GPT, is present in several shopping malls across the country and rewards customers with 10 cryptocurrencies, around 73 euros, just for reading their iris – the most recognizable bit of human data. . As JN reported, family and friends are already encouraging other people to photograph their irises in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The more you pray, the more you receive.

Thus, the CNPD calls for thinking about which data you intend to provide – iris reading – is “unique and forms part of your identity”. It also calls for consideration of “the meaning that the transfer of your biometric data entails a potential payment in return.”

“The CNPD also encourages people to carefully and carefully read the information regarding the processing of personal data available on the project website, as well as to carefully read the information provided in the application before making their choices,” that is, to be themselves – making choices in the application regarding the processing of personal data.

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The Data Protection Commission also adds that “parents may not, under any circumstances, subject their minor children to the collection of their biometric data, as this does not guarantee the best interests of the child in this case, which must always be preserved.”

In Spain, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has already stopped the collection and processing of biometric data by the company, but the decision is not final. If you do not respect this comment, you may be fined more than 20 million.