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David Beckham and his relationship with Carlos Queiroz: “I never got along with him” – England

David Beckham and his relationship with Carlos Queiroz: “I never got along with him” – England

The former England international worked alongside the Portuguese coach at Manchester United and Real Madrid

• Photo: Reuters

It premiered Wednesday on Netflix, and it’s already generating a lot of interest. The documentary ‘Beckham’, about the famous England international, depicts the different stages of the player’s career and if the conflicts with Alex Ferguson or his time at Real Madrid feature prominently, so does the case of… Carlos Queiroz.

“I didn’t know anything about him, nothing at all… We didn’t understand how he got there [Manchester United]“But it arrived,” said David Beckham, and then faced the statements of the Portuguese coach who worked with him in 2002, the period in which Queiroz arrived at the Red Devils, which ended with the player’s decline and the beginning of his departure. His relationship with Ferguson deteriorated.

“Based on our observations and analysis, we began to feel that David was on a decline. He was angry about the situation. In 2003, players like Beckham were not just footballers, they were businesses. It is a conflict between what happens” on and off the field. “At that moment, work came on the field,” said Carlos Queiroz, who received a quick response from the former England international: “I would never put myself at a professional level in a situation that would change the way I go about my business.” Play. Disagreed Absolutely with him,” shot.

The fact is that the 2002/2003 season was Beckham’s last in the colors of Manchester United. He headed to Real Madrid through the hands of Florentino Pérez, who ended up taking Carlos Queiroz to the Real Madrid substitutes bench.

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