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David Carrera returns to Porto Moniz Marine Week

David Carrera returns to Porto Moniz Marine Week

The confirmation of the third day of Porto Moniz Maritime Week, Wednesday 24 July, is a repetition, as its development in music and entertainment justifies a new invitation to this year's edition. David Carrera returns to one of the biggest parties of the Madeiran summer, after the record flood of August 2015.

At that time, his biggest hits were songs like “Baby Fica”, “Esta Noite” and “A Força Está em Nós”. Now, “Vamos Com Tudo,” “Menta,” “Saudade,” and, most recently, “Vida Boa,” have been added to their repertoire of hits, and the lineup for this year’s show promises to excite the crowd. .

Born in 1991, he achieved “more than 340 million views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of listeners on Spotify and one million followers on social media platforms,” making him “the Portuguese singer with the largest number of followers on social media,” according to what was stated in the readings. In his autobiography. The artist, who also excelled in dancing and acting, plans to release his new album this year, which will be promoted on the “Última Dança Tour,” whose show is scheduled to take place on May 11 at the MEO Arena.

Editorial by Ernesto Macedo

On the 24th of this event, which takes place between 22 and 28 July on the waterfront of Porto Moniz, the local authority, the body in charge of the organization, warms the stage for David Carrera, the regional artist Ernesto Macedo. The famous Madeira singer promised an “unforgettable trip” this summer, having prepared a show “full of surprises”, with a repertoire “full of new songs, all written by him” that will be heard accompanied by the sounds of his accordion. .

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This announces the presence of David Carrera and Ernesto Macedo, who make up a great lineup of the best national and regional music. Remember, as announced by JM, the Grumpies, 4Litro/Duo Pimbalhudo (22), Wilson Correia & Amigos and Herman José with the Funchal Jazz Orchestra will be present at the Sea Week in Porto Moniz. 23), and Elisa and Pedro Abronhosa (26). ), Miguel Pires and Niño Vaz Maia (27), Live Brisk and Fernando Daniel (28). The only thing missing is the musical attraction for the fifth day of Sea Week, which is scheduled to be announced on Thursday, on the social networks of the Municipality of Porto Moniz and on JM.